I’ll Come When I’m Ready

Hello old friends, new followers and fellow bloggers-

As you all know I write about love and relationships.  The only difference between my blog and the fabulous blogs of my peers is perspective.  I come to you as a young single adult who sees the world through a lens of Christianity, compassion and selflessness.  My point of view fuels a type of love I wish for all of mankind to share,  This love is designed by God to change the world for the better through the knowledge of His Son.  That being said, I don’t believe/advocate rushing into relationships (bouncing around like a child with no sense of a home), instead I believe that one must be ready within themselves before they enter a relationship with another.  The true test of real love (disclaimer: for me, does not have to apply to anyone else), is when a person can say to me: “Simone, I love you so much that I’ll give up the chance of being with you than to be with you and hurt you because of the issues within myself.” If a guy can say this to me, I would have more respect for him than for someone who rushes things just because they want someone to be on their arm.

We hurt those we care about deeply when we rush into romantic relationships full of holes.  We have holes in our hearts, holes in our self-esteem,and  holes in our identities- we are a people full of holes, waiting to be made whole.  This wholeness comes through a love relationship with God. So we enter into these relationships prematurely, not fully ready and we damage the person we love the most.  We mishandle those we love because we never took the time to learn how to love them, in fact we don’t know how to love ourselves- being that we are not connected to the Creator of love.

Real love says: I can wait until I’m ready to enter into a relationship.  I love this person so much, I am not willing to damage them with my insecurities and baggage of the past. I’ll keep my distance until I know that my life is not going to destroy the gift this individual is to me,  Real love can wait.  Real love says, I’ll come when I’m ready!  

I know that there is a sense of fear that comes with waiting.  There is this fear that if a person waits too long, that they are going to miss out on the perfect person and live life alone- that is not true,  There is a fear that the person won’t be interested in you anymore, or that they may have moved on with someone else.  Sometimes, that is the case.  Life happens and people who believed they were perfect for each other in 5 minutes realize, after the fact, that they didn’t know each other deeply enough to be “soul-mates”.  These individuals  move on and they find themselves in very happy relationships with different people.  Regardless of even those circumstances, I am a firm believer that if God destined you to be with someone, it’ll happen.  Even after all of the time and space spent apart from each other, you’ll see that individual and something inside will just click.  In that moment, it will be as if you guys have never spent any time apart.  Sometimes you have to decide how much you love someone and make decisions that are best for them.  Come when you’re ready!

Until next time,

Mo 🙂 dear-destiny