Hello old friends, new followers and fellow bloggers-

I just finished writing 25 short poems for my friend’s upcoming 25th birthday and had one more poem in me.  So, I thought I would share….


Young Prince

Soon to be King

I always loved the Lion King.

Hakuna Matata 

No worries…

The life of a boy who lost his way,

You lost your way…

You and Simba share the same search.

Y’all search for a life of no worries;

A life of peace,

A stress-free life,

But, your kingdom needs you.

You need to take your place,

As the King you are.

So I come like Nala

“Pinned you again”

I remind you of who you are, and

My love brings you home –

Home with me.

Where you are,

I am home…


It’s me Nala

I need you home..

❤ Mo

“Copyright, September. 10. 2014, Mo”

Featured Image Credit: http://www.rottentomatoes.com/quiz/lion-king-1206/

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