New Traditions

Hello Authentic Lovers!

It’s so good to share with you guys again. I’ve been kind of busy and uninspired so I haven’t written in a little while, but it’s good to be back.

Let’s see….life has been a complete whirlwind.  I am preparing for the holiday madness and realized that this year is going to be so different.  Ever since senior year of high school, I have worked for a bakery during the holiday season but this year I am not working for the bakery.  Over the years, the bakery became ingrained into my Christmas traditions. It was as if work and Christmas was created to coincide.  However, this year I am working for a law firm, so I have a holiday party to attend and then I am pretty much on my own for the holidays.  I’ll spend time with family but I will not experience the stressful, fun, exhilaration that comes with working with food and people.

To tell you the truth…I kind of miss my old bakery job.  I know that I am an adult now and should have a grown up job that pays more than minimum wage, which I do – it’s just that the bakery was my happy place.  It was the place that for a few days a week, I got to experience joy with some amazing people.  I love talking to people and my job now is not a “joking/laid back customer service type” job but rather serious (very serious 😦 ).  Even though I complained every year, I loved working Christmas at the bakery.  I don’t know if it was the smell of fresh bread as I walked into the door or the crappy Christmas music on Musak or just the love that the staff had for each other…either way I loved spending the holidays there.  

The thing about life is that it keeps moving forward, time waits for no one to continue and as I ponder Christmas and my bakery days : I am reminded of that lovely fact- time waits for no one.  So this year, I’ll make new traditions.  Instead of dancing while I bag bread to Christmas Pop, I’ll spend some days relaxing and shopping for Christmas.  Instead of oiling a kneading table, I’ll set the table in my house for our annual Christmas Eve party.  I always worked Christmas Eve, so it’s going to be nice to be on time for my own party for a  I’ll make new traditions with my family and friends…especially since this is my last Christmas in my hometown.  This will be the last time, I’ll be able to drop everything to be with family for the holidays.  Next year, I’ll have to plan ahead and make sure my flight is squared away to be back home for the holidays…new traditions.

But there is one thing that I do not want to replace…..I do not want to replace this sweet nostalgia that overcomes me when I think about the one I love and how I got the opportunity to spend the holidays with him.  Even though we are apart, separated by time and space- all I have to do is walk into the bakery and sweet memories fill my heart.  It is as if time had stood still waiting for me to return to that moment.  Christmas at the bakery was a gift because I knew that I was going to spend a few lovely hours in his presence, he was my Christmas gift.  I miss him, I miss his presence and no new tradition or move to another state is ever going to change that.   

Until next time,

Mo 🙂

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