Leave it in 2015


Eight minutes left. Eight minutes left until you get another chance at a brand new start. Eight single minutes.

Friends, social media fam and those who have yet gotten the chance to know me, my last thoughts of 2015 are as such- “If it is not good for your spirit,and good for your soul; leave it in 2015” this piece of wisdom does not only include people but also addictions and habits and things that we latch on to in our loneliness- leave it in 2015.

Leave hopelessness, awful soul ties; leave despair and depression; leave alcoholism and empty one night stands in 2015. Leave it all behind in this year and in the next four minutes embrace your new clean slate- given by a clean loving God. Embrace this chance to be new.

Three more minutes…
Rest in the newness that is the Lord. Walk into the goodness of him this year.  Embrace him.

Two more minutes…

As you transition into the opportunity for better, not our better because it does nothing to measure up to the better given by God. Step into his better and receive real life. A life that’s fulfilling …

One more minute….

Happy New Year! Welcome to the best season of your life!!!


Simone Holloway, 2015


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  1. ak1293 says:

    Been awhile!!!like always you did great

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Mo says:

      It has! You’re doing okay?


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