The V-Club.

Yet, is not shame like that? You will spend your whole life believing in your pursuit or call and the response of the one you love will make you second guess your covenant. What you looked upon with pride, you now look upon with regret. I think that experiences like Iris’ or even mine during my college years have the power to shape us. We can either stick to our conviction, or to win the love of another we can compromise.”©Simone Holloway, 2019

12 Days of Love Letter Writing

@moreloveletters and I are writing letters to spread holiday cheer to those in need- will you join us? #MLL #12daysMLL #moreloveletters


Yeah, I got something to say! So what? Yeah, I want to make the most of today!  So what? I’m a poet using my words to transform, as society seeks to conform with popular opinion. We celebrate sin, as we preach a Gospel of living- suffocating instead of breathing  the Creator of life.  We became…