I Have A Problem With Disrespect…


Hello old friends, new followers and fellow bloggers- 

As you all know, the SCOTUS legalized marriage equality- making Friday a win-win day for the LGBT community.  As Christian I believe that God loves everyone, but He does not care for the sins we operate in, homosexuality alike.  I take the stance that sin is sin, there are no big sins or small sins or more justifiable sins…all sin is the same.  So does this mean that I dislike those who identify as gay or lesbian, no- most definitely not!  I don’t treat anyone that identifies in that community different/worse than any of my other neighbors (humanity).  I take this stance on the position that when Christ took on the sins of the world, the Father turned His head and could not allow his eyes to dwell upon His sin any longer- not because Christ was a bad  person but because sin was upon Him, and God can’t tolerate or be in the presence of what is deemed sin.  So…if He turned His head and did not even look at His only begotten Son, whom He loved dearly- what makes me think, He is going to wink at my sin.

Anyways…I’m not up here to argue with anyone or convert anyone to my beliefs.  I have many in my life that identify with the LGBT community that I love very much.  We don’t agree in regards to our lifestyles but we can peacefully engage in conversation, enjoy wonderful meals together and love each other regardless….

I don’t have a problem with those that are in that community, my problem comes from those that antagonize me, put me down, and harass me via social media because I have a different opinion. I don’t go around telling people that they need to convert to Christianity- I believe that coming to God is a choice and I respect the idea of people having the ability to choose their lifestyle.

A small minority of the LGBT community has come across as super aggressive and have rallied this idea that if you don’t care for the way I live than you are filled with hatred and bigotry, which is not the case.  I know a lot of people that don’t care for my lifestyle of faith- it doesn’t mean they hate me, it means that they disagree with how I see the world.  Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

Why can’t I have an opinion?  Since so many opinions are made about me?  This girl told me that she “was gonna make me gay.” I don’t want to be gay. My heterosexual orientation is my preference, I think girls are awesome but I don’t want to be with one.  What gives her the right to aggressively try to make me into something I don’t want to be?  I never told her I  was going to make her love Jesus… So what gives her the idea that she can make me gay?  Or why am I seeing pictures of Crucifixes with men kissing Christ on the cross??? Why is it okay to cross the line and make something that I hold with deep religious revere sacrilegious???? Why??? What have I ever done to the community?  Why is it okay for someone to call me a homophobe?  I’m not scared of homosexuals.  I love those in the LGBT community, the same way I love those who are apart of the “Straight” club.  I get these messages of “You Christians are so judgmental.” “You Christians are so hypocritical.”  “You Christians are this…” “You Christians are that …”But who says any of that applies to me?  Yes, I am a Christian but the same way I can’t judge someone because of their sexual orientation, I shouldn’t be judged because of my standard of faith.

I don’t have a problem with the LGBT community, I have a problem with disrespect.

Until next time,

Mo 🙂

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