The Cost Of Becoming New

Hello old friends, new followers and fellow bloggers- 

I think sometimes we think that our newness is this free phenomenon that is supposed to just drop out of the sky.  I beg to differ, I propose a different argument in that newness actually costs us something.  What are we truly getting for free?  Maybe it’s the opportunity to become new or the information that leads to our newness but all in all- our transformation has a cost.

The cost of becoming new maybe unlearning the ideologies of the old, or letting go of old friendships and relationships- these costs us a piece of our hearts and intellect.  How about getting rid of those things that we were addicted to?  How about letting go of our previous style ( hairstyles, clothing, shoes etc. ) ???  When we get a new haircut, the hair that once hung on our shoulders was severed away, costing us length.  But in all things…to become new is going to costs us something.  

It will costs us time.  It will costs us resources/money.  It will costs us love.  It will costs us something….because what we invest into we actually strive to protect and take care of.

If my newness was free, I would be more prone to abuse it- to neglect it and trade it quickly for something else, but this new attitude costs me something, and that is why it is so dear to me.

What have you invested in?  What are you willing to protect and take care of? What was the cost for you to become new? 

Sometimes in order to get something new the costs is great….

Until next time,

Mo 🙂

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