Window Of Time

Hello old friends, new followers and fellow bloggers-

Hi all!  It’s been a little while since we last spoken.  I’ve come to realize that unless the Lord drops something into my heart to share with you guys, I’m not quick to post something on this here blog.  Everything said has a purpose. and everything discussed is life-giving.  There is so much I could blog about, the Charleston nine or the SCOTUS’ ruling on marriage equality but for this evening – I’m not going to discuss either one.  One day I will, it just will not be today.

So friends…. what am I going to discuss?  I am going to this evening, talk about windows- windows of time.  I think we live this live as if we’re on the earth forever, as if opportunities, people and ideas will come again.  It’ s really a bad misconception because time is not something that we get to control. One day we are born and one day we will die- that’s the pattern of the life we were given.  So sometimes, we never get that second chance to make things right.  Sometimes we never get the amazing opportunities that we ruined or wasted.  Sometimes we don’t come in contact with the people that we mistreated in our past.  Sometimes life is not a revolving door.  That being said, I think we need to take advantage of the window of time that we have been allotted.  Like all windows, time will close and  what we desired to do won’t be able to take place.

We make so many excuses for why we can’t do something. “I can’t live right because of my past.”  :”I can’t apologize because I messed up so bad that I  can’t face that person.”  “I can’t get right with God because I bet He wouldn’t want to have anything to do with me.” “I’ll come to God when I get myself together.”  But, what if you never get yourself together?  What if you don’t have the power or the strength to beat what you’re bound to?  What if you need the help of something greater to be greater?  These are just my thoughts…. Look, I tried to do life by myself and I made the same excuses for why I couldn’t find myself in a different place- a positive place, a spiritually enriching place, but all in all – I needed Him.  That’s just the truth.

Whatever we have been called to do…now is the time to do it.  Tomorrow may never come.  2 weeks from now, may never be seen.  For all we know, we could past in the middle of our sleep tonight- some have already. So let’s do all that we can in this window of time. Let’s love God with all our hearts.  Let’s make things right with each other.  Let’s be free and beat our addictions.  Let’s love each other better, even as Christ loved the church – to the point of death.  Let’s live honestly, let’s care about the poor and needy.  Let’s be passionate about social change and justice.  Let’s give our all in this small window of time. Because one day, the window will close- time will be up.

Teacher: Life is fleeting, like a passing mist.
        It is like trying to catch hold of a breath;
    All vanishes like a vapor; everything is a great vanity.(Ecc. 1:2 The Voice) 

Until next time,

Mo 🙂

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