Xtreme Protection

I believe that God goes through the extreme to protect us from ourselves. He makes it his biggest concern, to keep us from falling off the shelves- we call life. He kept me from compromising my position as wife within you heart. It was so hard, to stay focused on what was to come So…

I’m Listening

There is someone listening to the depths of your heart, waiting to fill it with love….

Window Of Time

Our window of time is open, but like all windows- one day it’ll shut and there is nothing we can do about it!


I was home…and you wasn’t near.


Triggers.  Those things that bring you back to that dark place, you swore you’ll never return.  Triggers. The thing about them is that you can take control over them or your can let them control you.  Life is full of reminders of disappointment, pain, fears and etc.  But what do you do with these things?…

Lazy Day

looking at the rain, thinking of you

Mr. Future

Hey Mr. Future, It’s me…the present waiting to meet you waiting to greet you waiting for love Hey Mr. Future, It’s me… here & now  seeking to see you seeking to know you seeking to discover Hey Mr, Future, It’s me…reality longing to learn you longing to love you longing to feel Hey Mr. Future,…