Mr. Future

Hey Mr. Future,

It’s me…the present

waiting to meet you

waiting to greet you

waiting for love

Hey Mr. Future,

It’s me… here & now 

seeking to see you

seeking to know you

seeking to discover

Hey Mr, Future,

It’s me…reality

longing to learn you

longing to love you

longing to feel

Hey Mr. Future,

It’s me…your Future

looking to join you

looking to say “I do”

looking to be yours 

But, Mr. Future

let’s be

slow and steady

there’s no need to rush 

we have all the time

in the world

plenty of time

So…Mr. Future,

It’s me… your love

letting you love me

I’m letting you love me.

(c) Simone Holloway, 2014.

❤ Mo

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