The eyes are the windows to the soul…

Merry Christmas!

Hello Authentic Lovers– I hope that you have a fantastic day celebrating the birth of Christ.  I love Christmas songs, but my ultimate favorite tune to sing is ” The Christmas Song” by Nat King Cole.  What is your favorite Christmas song? Feel free to share that song with me below!  I pray that this…

Christmas Eve

Holidays are a time for something new…even new relationships. #latenightthoughts #poetry #ChristmasEve

Isolation Kills

Said I wasn’t going to write until after the holidays…I just couldn’t resist.

Love Gives

The first demonstration of love was a gift…


Speechless Simply, speechless I need to speak but nothing leaks out of my mouth I want to scream and shout but no words come out Nothing It’s like I’m mute  lacking the ability to be brutally honest Speechless Simply, speechless Lacking emotions to articulate my heart’s current state Numb Duct tape covers my lips as…

A Wrong Choice

“Why do we make wrong choices? Maybe it’s because at the beginning of time: Adam and Eve made a single wrong choice and ate the forbidden fruit, dooming mankind.”