15 Things To Do In The New Year…

Hello Authentic Lovers

As we mark another New Years Eve celebration, I want to give you my final thoughts for the year 2014.  This year has been a great year but a hard year…one filled with change, growth and eventually triumph. It was a year marked with pain but this pain caused me to grow and to strive for greatness. This was the year of the process, the molding and shaping period of my life and for that I am extremely grateful.  God has been good this year, so good and because of this I wanted to share 15 things you must do in this new year.  I use the word must to stress the importance of these actions…either way, I recommend doing these 15 things in the pursuit of a better mindset and life.

15. Make the small things count.

14. Enjoy what’s around you and who is around you.

13. Stand for something- if not, you’ll fall for anything.

12. Fill the need, whether it’s in your community, church or livelihood.  Fill a need, do something significant.

11. Dream big! 

10. Plan out your dreams, dreams without a plan/goal are just dreams…you need goals so that they can become reality.

9. Smile more. 

8. Try to exercise, if your body feels good- you’ll feel good.

7. Use your time wisely– not everything and everyone is worth your time.

6. Give to those who can never repay you– this will test the intentions of your heart. We are supposed to give of ourselves selflessly.

5. Share hope– through spoken word, smile, anything.  With so much bad in the world, you can make life a little better for someone else.

4. Forget the past– if not, you’ll stay stuck and won’t be able to truly enjoy life.

3. Forgive quickly– it’s the key to true freedom, remember who first forgave you….

2. Love with everything!  

1. Meet God- I promise He will change your life only for the better.  Build a relationship with Him, He’ll never disappoint you.

I ❤ you guys and I say thank you for journeying with me this year.  This has been my year of great change, but what has remained the same has been y’alls consistent support.  You guys are the reason that I share hope and write daily.  I wish you all a Happy New Year.  Enjoy this holiday with friends and family.  Always remember: love is a movement and we are called to love like Christ: selflessly, passionately, honestly, deeply and securely.  Wishing you guys the best!

Until next time,

Mo 🙂

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    1. Mo says:

      Thank you!

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      1. Just saying the truth—welcome!


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