Inner Battle

I’m in a battle

over my heart

over the state of my mind

over my life

violence and strife

breed contempt

as demons of my past 

come and appear

be gone, I say

but they stay

tempting me to return

to my life prior

perverse and self-pleasing

condemning and full of shame

but there’s hope

in a name

the name of Jesus

He sees me

trying to contain

my next breath

before I’m enslaved again

His arms reach out

and He forgives my sin

Swords and weaponry

is His gift to me

to maintain resistance

to stay on

His side of the fence

I’m in a battle

straddling the present and eternity

this inner battle

could be the death of me

(c) Simone Holloway, 2014

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Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is here

and I void of cheer

sit and remember the angst of the holidays

I swear there was a time

when you was mine

and life lacked any cares

but here we are

the night of the lone star

that I have to believe

my life was not in vain

one big failure stain

a victim of love, deceived

Soooo….what can I say?

It’s like any other day

with an assault of memory

my life has moved on

I’ve learned a new song

“Happy Christmas” to me

(c) Simone Holloway, 2014

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