Take Out The Trash.

Hello old friends, new followers, and fellow bloggers-

Heyyyyy! I know it’s been some time, but your girl lacked inspiration. Like for real, for real… I would start a blog post and never finish it. I looked up and saw that I had seventeen drafts in my inbox, talk about a massive case of writer’s block. However, I’m back, and I have a lot to say.

You know that feeling you get when you finally clean your room? It’s like a sense of triumph and achievement for participating in one of the many adulting activities. I had that feeling last night as I went through and threw away books/journals from the past. It was refreshing to not only throw these items into the trash but to then take the trash out of my house and place these things in our big trash can. There is something so liberating about taking the trash out!

What if I told you that you must be willing to take the trash out to receive all that coming into your life?

To receive, you must make space; to make space, you must let go. I remember praying a little over a year ago: “God, help me to receive.” I thought God would give me the courage to say “Yes” to all that was coming my way, but yesterday I realized that God was answering my prayer by prompting me to let go. To receive all He promised, I was going to have to make some room in my heart, throw away the past and let go of all I hoped life would be to receive all that He’s orchestrated for me. So, as an act of bravery and surrendering, I took some time to take the trash out.

Maybe your trash is memories of the past or old friendships/relationships. Maybe your trash is your expectations of what your life should look like or your disappointments/angst from the Pandemic years. Regardless of what is crowding your heart and mind, take that trash and throw it away. Life is too short to be bogged with uncertainty, regrets, and other manners of confusion.

You were created to live a whole and beautiful life, sure that you’re worthy of all the goodness created for you. You were made to live in delight, happiness, and peace. So do that, live and live on purpose.

If you were looking for a sign, I pray this post will be just that- an indication of what you must do to move forward. Loves, take the trash out!

Until next time,



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