Where’s Our Focus?


Hello old friends, new followers, and fellow bloggers-

I always thought that contentment was something we arrived at, like a stop on a tour bus. I thought that one day I would arrive and see a sign saying, “Welcome to Contentment: You’re satisfied here! ” Well, that was not the case… I never arrived at the magical land of contentment, but rather I found contentment to be tied to my focus. The more I focused on what I did not have, or what I have not achieved-the more discontent I became. However, when I pigeonholed my focus on Jesus, gratitude, and the beauty of life – that welcome sign became more and more clear.

I’m here to debunk the myth that contentment is a place of arrival.

Maybe contentment has nothing to do with arriving but primarily on where we place our focus. What if focus was the driving force for being content and not performance? We live in a world where we feel the pressure to perform for everything and everyone. Trust me, I get it! I spent a good majority of my twenties doing just that, performing to be accepted and loved. Yet, I have found peace in exiting the stage. There is something beautiful about “being”, simply living as we were always intended to: with or without all the things the world screams that we need to be happy.

How many of us are waiting to live until we gain certain “things”?

How many of us are waiting to live until we gain certain “things”?

You know, the things society swears happiness is tied to. A good job, a relationship, a nice car, a house- just to name a few. Yet, I spend time with people who have everything and they are still miserable. Their misery is tied to their insatiable desire for more. When will it all be enough? I think we have a hard time being satisfied because we are not satisfied with ourselves. We do not believe that we are enough and therefore we overcompensate with performing to the point of perfectionism. Been there, done that, and darlings it is absolutely exhausting. Weariness is tied to a misguided focus. The more I focus on my lack, the more miserable I am. However, when I position my heart to be thankful for where I am full, joy is my portion.

Where is our focus? Who has our attention? Is it what we lack or where we are full?

Simone Holloway

I rather focus on Jesus, than study my limitations and imperfections.

The depravity of humanity is depressing, but the redemptive work of the cross holds hope.

We all have moments where we stay in the dumps a little too long, but let us not make a home in that place. Loves, it is time to move! The first step is to focus on the One who has all the answers, for in him there is no such thing as being lost – we are completely found. Let’s focus on Hope and find contentment in Him.



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