Writer’s Block.

Hello old friends, new followers, and fellow bloggers-

Happy Sunday! It’s a fall-ish day here in G-vegas, and I am trying to figure out what to share with you. It’s been awhile and with 15 different drafts of a proposed article in my que, I’m having trouble finding exactly what I want to say.

Have you ever had writer’s block? It’s the absolute worse. It’s a like a backed-up faucet, plenty of words in my brain and not enough sentences on the page. I hate when I have these moments. I simply cringe and swear to write you all an article next time. The only issue is that next time never comes and then I’m left with a WordPress report expressing that I only wrote one article this year.

One. One article for the year of 2021. What an absolute bummer…

Then a thought hit me like a ton of bricks: maybe my writer’s block is not rooted in not having any words to speak but maybe it comes from an underlying belief that I might not have the “right” words, that my words though shared with a few on a global platform may simply not be enough. And loves, if that is the case- then I don’t have a writer’s block issue but rather an imposter syndrome issue.

CRINGE…. Imposter Syndrome. Imposter syndrome seems to be the source of study for women in the last three years. Every woman I know either suffered from it or know someone who did. It’s like a universal cramp on greatness and not something to be ignored. I found the syndrome showing up in my life by my lack of speaking and showing up. I was cool championing on everyone but myself because God forbid I shine, what a travesty (insert eyeroll).

Sidenote: I hope that after all these years, you all now can read my dry sarcasm through the text.

My thought life stifled my ability to produce. Yet, that is what the mind does- our thought life either makes us believe that we are champions able to conquer the land or mere grasshoppers incapable of our individual victories. The mind is tricky and if not coached well, can rob us of all God destined for us to receive.

So, why a random article? Well, I got tired of using “writer’s block” as an excuse to not share my heart. I have so much to say and I have an audience that wants to hear every word. It was time to finally believe that. Over the years, I produced to perform for others, it was rooted insecurity and insufficiency. However, now I produce because I believe the truth that there is a place for me in the world. What is in me is vital for the progression of the earth. To me, to stay silent and fearful would be a grave injustice to all who are looking for hope, encouragement , and strength.

I belong on this platform. I belong on this stage and the world is not only waiting for me, but it is welcoming me as well.

So, what has been your “writer’s block”? That thing you’ve used as a crutch to not show up, to not become, and to not speak? Pinpoint that thing. Speak to it. Accept it. Deal with it. Let that thing motivate you to change for the better! In my best *Phil (from the Amazing Race) voice * “The world is waiting for you!” So, let’s go!

Until next time,


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