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Rest. Sweet Rest.  I don’t know about you all but I have a HUGE problem resting…  It’s actually one of my biggest flaws.  I’m so used to doing that I’ve forgotten the importance of being.  The word in the title of this piece is the Hebrew word for rest, “Nuach” which is a theme threaded all through out the love story of scripture.  In fact, rest was so important that even God himself took time out of his process of creation to rest.

 So… why is rest so hard????

Maybe…it’s because when we are at our total element of rest, we are forced to face our thoughts and the realities around us.  I don’t know about you all but I’ve been a person have always ran from my thoughts.  Instead of facing what I felt or what I perceived around me, I buried myself in doing so I can forget about what it meant to be.

If you talk to a workaholic, they’ll let you know that the real reason they choose to work all the time is rooted from them not wanting to face SOMETHING.  Whether that thing is lack– lack of love, lack of companionship, lack of community, lack of fulfillment.  Or awareness– awareness of whose really in their lives, awareness of the emptiness within their hearts or just a plain awareness of how their lives are versus how they desire life to be.  I think I was running from my fears… you know those pesky things that remind you what you can or cannot do.  Fears are one of those things that breed worry, anxiety and doubt.  As long as I was in school, WORKING/DOING, I didn’t have time to face my fears- I could camouflage them under “hard work,” “dedication,” “new diets” and etc.

Do you know what’s so dope about God?  He is not content with us running away from things, but he will position us in a place to face what we are running away from.  So much so that sometimes,  he will use periods of rest to cause us to think about what we have tried to bury for so long.  God uses rest to gain our attention, to equip us to change, to restore our souls and to cultivate us into who He has destined us to be- that is the purpose of rest.

So… have you found yourself in a season of stillness?  A time of having nothing to do? We usually get frustrated with our lives during these times but maybe just maybe, you’re in the position you’re in on purpose.  Maybe God has designed this season for rest so that you can finally face things, heal, be restored and move on.  One of my dear friends Amanda always say, “God is not looking for us to do, he just wants us to be.” It is with this understanding of the Lord that we can rest in Him.   Y’all, I’m walking this thing out with you all- facing what I’ve placed on the back burner of my mind and I’m learning to rest in Him.

Ladies and Gents, may you find your lives in a season of rest. God is not looking for you to do, but he is asking that you learn to be all that he has created for you to be.

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