Lack of Time


Hello old friends, new followers and fellow bloggers- 

How are you guys doing?  It’s been crazy here at law school! Absolutely insane.  I feel like I do not have enough hours in my day.  I just finished a 12 hour work/school day and there is still so much to do. The older I get, the more I understand the fleeting characteristics of time.  I read somewhere (shows you how much time I have to read) that in certain places, individuals get to experience a 25-hr day.  #blessed.  I wish I could have an extra 60  minutes in my day.

What would I do with an extra 60 minutes?


Well… I would love more, travel more, finish more case readings and briefs, I just might find some time for a show on Netflix.  Man, oh man- I would just relax and chill more.  I did not realize how life consuming my days would become.  I thought I mentally prepared for this moment, I did not.

Do you guys know what I want?

I want a free day that involves having to do nothing, or possibly a zoo day.  Ooh that would be fun! A day at the zoo just relaxing with animals all around. I’ll have to schedule that adventure in…

Anyways… I barely have time to maintain this blog and I love blogging.  I love it so much and as I sit and write to you all this evening, this moment becomes even more special.  It is a special day when I can scrape up enough time to blog.  It is a special day when I can send a quick text saying I love you to my sis.  It is a special day when I can think about going out on a date ( I said think…lol). My time is so precious and it is a commodity of myself that I cannot afford to waste.

With gratitude, I type these strokes on my keyboard and thank God for a moment to breathe.  Take a moment, I promise it will make you feel better!

Until next time,




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