Crappy Days


Hello old friends, new followers and fellow bloggers- 

I used to think that my days could not get any worse but then I encountered today and it was a doozy.  From finding a cockroach in my room (which fell into my bed by the way -_-), to being late for class, to not having a parking space in the parking lot because of said lateness which resulted in me parking in a lot in the middle of no where, to forgetting my lunch at home, to falling asleep in class, to being told that I could not get help, to being hung up on when trying to speak to financial aid (need my refund check asap) and then to just now (literally just now) being verbally lashed out by some stranger who accused me of calling her number repeatedly like I am trying to play some sick joke on her.  Like OMGosh, I have some serial dialer tactics…NOT!!! Like sometimes I absolutely hate people.  No lie.  Sometimes I’m like Lord why did you decide to create some individuals to grace their presence here on the earth.  Anyways… my inner me (that dirty old flesh) wanted to give that old stupid lady a few words or two…like “Lady maybe you should check your call history and recognize that you have been calling me twice- IDIOT!!!!!” But instead, I just heard her out and listened to the dial-tone as she spoke her piece and hung up.  I wonder if she has access to the world wide web as I’m thinking of destroying her on the internet.

Just kidding, kinda.  

Really, today has been awful.  I’ve watched the grace of God extended but I’ve also watched the hands of hell being thrown toward me to irritate me to no return.  It’s just like the enemy to recognize that I’m in purpose and because he cannot change that- he is doing everything in his power to frustrate, agitate, irritate, and torment my process.  The devil is a liar and even these small things cannot  turn my feet around as I head toward fulfillment of purpose.  I’ve been reading this devotional about controlling my emotions and maybe today was the ultimate test- application time.  Anyways… I’m going to enter into prayer in just a few minutes and just spend some time with God reflecting, strategizing and prepping for tomorrow.  Love yall!

Until next time,




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