The Letter

“But How?”  my hearts screams out.  “How can we return to a place I never got to.  I almost got there, I thought I was there but I failed… I never got there.”  In love, He grabs my hand and whispers, “Your only failure would have been to marry someone who was never designed to love you.  To procreate with someone who did not have the capacity to be a father and to enter into a business partnership with someone with no integrity.  Babygirl, you did not fail.  You succeeded!  For you chose your future over your present and you chose what was hard over what was easy.  You said Yes even though the cost was your heart. You, my dear, can return to this place…” ©Simone Holloway, 2019

Happy Thanksgiving 🦃🍁🍽

Hello all- I pray that each of you have a fabulous Thanksgiving filled with family, friends, laughter and endless joy. I love each of you and I’m truly grateful that you all chose to journey through life with me! Thank you so much, Simone

In Rememberance

Three years later and I kept my promise, I’m truly free!

not enough words…

Hello old friends, new followers and fellow bloggers-  There are not enough words to describe the last 24 hours experienced. Today has been an absolutely amazing day  and I’m left in this awkward, awe-inspiring, speechless phase where I’m so amazed at God to the point -I can’t even speak.  I’m at the point where I…