Still Small Voice

I hear you in the depths of my heart

small but strong

still but powerful

truth infused in love

I hear you in the cavities of my mind

gentle yet assertive

lyrical yet blunt

emotions wrapped in passion

the truth becomes vinegar

hard to swallow

yet, I take a huge gulp

realizing that as I hear your words

my life begins to change

you have changed me

like a still, small voice

you lead me home

I once was lost

but I heard your voice

I once was blind

but you became my light

finally, I’m found

finally, I see

I’m free

Thank you for being

my still, small voice

“(c) Simone Holloway, 2014”

Today’s poetry was written from another’s point of view.  We all have people in our lives that have acted as the voice of God when we were in trouble, they were patient and kind enough to journey with us through the hard times.  These great individuals are our still small voices. but when you are dating your still small voice this connection becomes deeper and the love that you share is immensely rewarding.  My dad married his still small voice, my mother, and they have been together for almost 23 years.  Once you find that person that emulates God in your life, hold on to them- because you’ll come to thank them one day.   ❤ Mo

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