Out of Hiding

Hello old friends, new followers and fellow bloggers-

How are you guys doing?  I’m sitting at work, working too quickly and finding myself easily bored.  I love my job- I’m trying to learn as much as I can before I go to law school . The problem tends to come when I’m done and there is nothing left for me to do. That’s the problem! Anyways, at least I got to finish my nails- it took a week to finish both hands.  My life has been crazy, so crazy that I thought about hiding out for a few days…you know the whole “disappearing act”.  I used to be guilty of disappearing and coming back into “society” when I felt less overwhelmed and less anxious.  With the pressures of leadership and responsibility, I too have those days when I wish I could disappear for a few days and come back rested.   Well…that’s not going to happen. lol.

Anyways… I get the unique opportunity to listen to worship music at work and I am loving this Steffany Gretzinger album, “The Undoing”.  I absolutely love this album and the tranquility that its music brings to my work place.  One of my favorite songs is called “Out of Hiding” ( Father’s Song).  The lyrics says:

“Come out hiding

You’re safe here with me

There’s no need to cover

What I already see

Baby, you’re almost home now

Please don’t quit now

You’re almost home to Me”

I love these words because I used to feel so alienated from God because of the things I’ve been through and done- so, instead of facing things head on: I would hide.  I could hide out for months and isolate myself away from others and God but I’m so happy that God sees my hiding places and He calls me to Himself. He calls me out of hiding and into His presence so I can understand His love towards me.  

There are some of you guys who read this blog and you’re hiding. You’re hiding from love, family, memories and things that you associate with pain.  Some of you are hiding from your past and sabotaging your future.  Some of you are hiding from destiny and purpose.  Some of you are even hiding from God but He sees your hiding places and He is still reaching out to us, beckoning us to Himself.  Allow Him to bring you out of hiding today, out of your place of isolation and depression, anxiety and fear; and into His presence, into the depths of His heart.  He’ll keep you safe- I promise!  He’ll keep you safe.  

Have a great rest of your day!

Until next time,

Mo 🙂

“Out of Hiding( Father’s Song)” (c) Steffany Gretzinger Bethel Music 2014

Featured Image: http://fanchionrkenady.files.wordpress.com/2013/02/publishers-come-out-from-hiding-625×416.jpg

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