Where’s Our Focus?

I thought that one day I would arrive and see a sign saying, “Welcome to Contentment: You’re satisfied here! ” Well that was not the case… I never arrived to the magical land of contentment, but rather I found contentment to be tied to my focus.

Builders Are Consistent

“Builders are consistent because when we are building something new or remodeling what’s been built before, we are steady and unchanging in nature.  Builders don’t decide at the last minute that they are not going to complete their projects.  Builders don’t waste money being indecisive.  Builders don’t waste time being unsteady and lacking stability in thought.  Builders are consistent, showing up each day at the same time ready to get the job done. “©Simone Holloway, 2020

The Holding Cell

” I hate waiting in traffic. I hate waiting in long lines.  I hate waiting for the light to change.  I don’t like to wait.  Once I create a schedule, I want it to run smoothly free of delay.  Man, I wish God felt the same way about waiting as I do, but he doesn’t.  In fact, He encourages that we have periods of waiting- moments where we sit and wait for the promise. ” ©Simone Holloway, 2019

An Orange Tombstone

Peering into the portals of the past… 9/15/12- “Don’t  forget…” An orange glossed ticket stands between hope and disappointment, as my heart broke at the sound of your empty presence. Ricocheting previous trust  issues, crashing the building of acceptance I built for only you. My walls bare with guards became surrounded, my emotional SWAT team…

Empty Promises

Hello old friends, new followers and fellow bloggers-  How are you guys doing?  My mind just took a turn down memory lane, it does that sometimes.  I used to think my memory was a curse, a realm of my mind that constantly brought up things I wished I could forget, but now I believe it…

Lesson Learned

what’s the point of being hurt if you gain nothing from it I learned that pain can be used to fuel healing to a lowly spirit what’s the point of making mistakes if you repeat them over and over again I learned that in over to move forward I had to live different, my friend a lesson…