Builders Are Consistent


Hello old friends, new followers, and fellow bloggers- 

Everyone wants to build.  Everyone has an idea, a company, a relationship or even a project that they are excited about building this year.  Yet, very few of these gung ho individuals are disciplined into a lifestyle of consistency.  Dreams are exciting until it’s time to execute them.  I thought that today we would discuss the importance of consistency.  So, you say you’re a builder? Ok, let’s check to see if your lifestyle mirrors a pattern of consistency. For builders are consistent.

I could have chosen any word to describe those that build.  Creative.  Innovative. Rich.  Why consistent?  To be consistent is to be unchanging in nature, standard or effect over time.  Builders are consistent because when we are building something new or remodeling what’s been built before, we are steady and unchanging in nature.  Builders don’t decide at the last minute that they are not going to complete their projects.  Builders don’t waste money being indecisive.  Builders don’t waste time being unsteady and lacking stability in thought.  Builders are consistent, showing up each day at the same time ready to get the job done.  

A lot of our pitfalls as innovators can be found in a lack of discipline, in the absence of consistency.  In order to build, one must show up to work every day.  Every day regardless of feelings, conditions and the opposing circumstances.  Builders work regardless of opposition and do not allow the opinions of men to stop them.  There is no fear or hesitation within the builder for they recognize that the vision coming to life is worth the time invested.  Wanna build?  Get on a schedule.  Create and maintain boundaries.  Learn to say “no.”  Become okay with not being liked, misunderstood and with being looked at as a joke.  Innovators are always deemed crazy until what they have built is complete and available for the public. Ask Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, or even Oprah.  These amazing individuals were consistent and put their hands to the plow every single day.

What could you create if you were more consistent?  How would your life look different if you were on a schedule?  Or better yet, what would you become if you implemented boundaries?  The world will never know if you do not adjust.  As we come into 2020, let’s be dedicated to the principle of consistency.  Be consistent. Show up each day and watch the Lord favor your faithfulness.

One last thought, I implore my fellow believers to abandon this practice of using God as an excuse for laziness.  God is not changing his requirements because we do not want to adjust.  He is calling us to a singular focus and consistency.

Wanna build?  Be consistent. 




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