Let It End.


Hello old friends, new followers, and fellow bloggers- 

Happy Friday! I hope you all are having a great day.  It’s a great day for a breakup! Yep, it’s a wonderful day to end things that have been going on for a long time, especially expired things.  I know some of you are like…” What???”  I know.  You were not expecting me to encourage this today but here we are.   A lot of us are jumping and shouting, proclaiming 2020 to be our year but we have a slight problem:  Our new year does not accommodate for our old thinking, expired relationships and bad habits.  In order to truly enjoy all this new year provides, we have to let some things end. 

I don’t know about each of you but once upon a time, I had an issue with letting things go.  I was a hoarder of people, things and opportunities.  I would hold on to things even though I knew these things and people were not good for me.  My former fear of missing out which is stemmed from a poverty mindset would cause me to justify my behavior.  As God eradicated my fears, the first thing he challenged me with was letting things go.  Last year, I severed ties with a lot of things and people.  I closed the door on bad habits and toxic relationships.  I found the “good” in goodbye and learned to let things go.  The truth of the matter is, you cannot place new wine in old wineskins.  You can’t!  The wineskins will break. No matter how much you would like the old wineskins to uphold the new, the wineskins will break.  What’s the principle?  Forcing the new into the old:  old relationships, old habits, an old mindset will cause destruction/ a breaking. 

Can I encourage you into a new mindset today?  Into a new habit or practice?  As you enter into this newness, embrace endings! Embrace endings, for at each end is a new beginning.  We will never experience a beginning until we accept the ending of a thing.  Let it end.  Let the job end.  Let the relationship end.  Let the bad habits end.  Put an end to the poverty/defeated mindset.  Embrace and enforce endings!  You have the power to take charge of your life.  You are not a victim, but a victor.  You are not a casualty of the decisions of the universe.  You are not a byproduct of others’ choices alone.  You are strong, full of power, and full of life.  You can choose your path.  You can choose who enters into your life, you can choose who exits.  You can choose who you align yourself with, you can choose who you spend time with, and you can choose with whom you share intimacy.  You have a choice and you are free to choose a new beginning!

As we embark in a new decade, let’s embrace endings!  It’s ok.  Closed doors are also good.  I promise you, if you’re brave enough to allow some things to end – the Father will give you a brand new beginning. He’s done it for me and I know He is willing to do the same for you.  Let it end.




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