We’re in the middle

of God’s game of shuffle board

and I am in this different

place than you

God has a cue

in His hand

ready to make His move

He pushes you left

He pushes me right 

out of darkness

into marvelous light

My cocoa skin blends

with yours,white

Like a disc

we’re thrown toward each other

defying the teaching

of our mothers

what time is it….

time for introductions 

except I’ve met you before

once upon a time

you was at my door

begging for me to see 

that you loved me

really loved

me with all your heart

from the start

I loved you 

It’s time for what…

for us to meet each other again

yep, my friend

it’s the new me

can you see?

Hello my name is


nice to meet you!

(c) Simone Holloway, 2015

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