Seasons Change

“As a born-bred city girl, I did not know how to rest. I am a bonafide go-getter who is always looking to what’s next:  the next project, the next adventure, the next creative idea.”©Simone Holloway, 2019


Hello old friends, new followers and fellow bloggers- There is nothing more exhausting than living a life of comparison. Nothing. I didn’t realize how much of a comparison-driven life I was living until I saw how much time I consumed reflecting on the adventures of others through social media. To be connected to so many,…

I Love You

“Yes I will /When all the earth stands still/And the wonder of the sea begins to cease /and the world ponders if there is still peace /I will still love you “


“Let me introduce myself once again to you…
My name is Mo. “

Don’t miss this…

Don’t miss this moment…don’t let it pass you by. – Mary Mary “Slow walk” 2011 We have to remember to live in the present, it’s in the present that some of the best memories are made 🙂