Seasons Change

Hello old friends, new followers, and fellow bloggers- 

Happy Wednesday!  I’m so sorry, I know it’s been a while since we chatted.  I’ve been incredibly busy. Between my job, an increased workload and a lot of new responsibility, life has been slightly overwhelming.  I work for an agency that help people in need.  Did you know that around the holidays, evictions are at an all-time high?  Yep, crazy right?   I talk to people all day who are in crisis situations.  It’s so disheartening, yet it’s fulfilling when our agency is able to provide the help that they need. Friends, I’ve been leaning into grace more and more.  Anyways, today, I wanted to share my thoughts about how quickly seasons change.

Once upon a time, a couple of months ago actually, I was sitting with the Lord complaining about the inactivity of my life.  I remember carrying on about how I wished things would pick up.  As a born-bred city girl, I do not know how to rest. I am a bonafide go-getter who is always looking to what’s next:  the next project, the next adventure, the next creative idea.  I am fascinated with the next and I live future-oriented.  This can be good sometimes in that this mindset keeps me from being bogged down in my past.  However, this trait can be terrible because it causes me to miss out on all the beauty that lies within my present. During those few months, my life was still- I mean really still.  I would describe it as boring.  I complained and complained some more.   I was not satisfied with the sweet stillness of my present.  Ultimately, my season changed.  As soon as I became comfortable with stillness, activity returned back to my life and now I am busier than ever.  I mean EXTREMELY BUSY! I can’t remember the last time I took a nap.  My alarm goes off at 6 in the morning and I don’t see my bed again to about 11pm that evening.  I’m on the go.  Yet, it is now that I yearn for those sweet moments of rest.  Now, I appreciate stillness.

Friends, I think the moral of this share-fest is to find contentment in the here and now.  Enjoy rest, honor rest because rest lasts only a short while.  Honor activity, learn from your busy seasons because you’ll need the vibrancy in life to make you yearn for sweet stillness.  God being so balanced in everything he does, orchestrates our seasons to what we can handle.  He teaches us about ourselves and he reveals his goodness in the process.  Trust Him and find your way with Him. This go-getter appreciates a day off and has found peace in knowing that the work can wait.

May you find balance and come to appreciate each season in your life.



P.S.  Since my life is a little hectic, please know that I love each of you.  I will respond to your emails, DMs, and other forms of communication as quickly as I can.  Bear with me and know that I’m praying for you all always.  Much love!

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Hello old friends, new followers and fellow bloggers-

There is nothing more exhausting than living a life of comparison. Nothing. I didn’t realize how much of a comparison-driven life I was living until I saw how much time I consumed reflecting on the adventures of others through social media. To be connected to so many, yet to feel so alone is a travesty within itself.

I think this is the trap of the enemy to get us into this mindset of comparing our realities to others’ highlight reel. I mean the snare to compare is so stealthy, you’ll think your life is great until a late night scrolling sesh on insta and all of sudden you’re looking through your life with regret. Crazy to think that something that is supposed to unite us can be the very thing that tears us apart. So last night, I deactivated and logged out of my social media accounts, just to take a temporary break. I didn’t realize how much time I spent scrolling until I took away that option. Ladies and gents, I was in the middle of the comparison trap and I had to tackle that head on.

To say we are immune to comparison would be a complete lie, especially since we live in a world that positions us to compare ourselves one to another. We are indoctrinated in a culture that causes us to readily check our lives against the lives of our peers. We measure our successes, failures and even our worth to the words and opinions of others. Loves, sometimes the Father will ask us to disconnect so that we can come face to face to the truth of what He’s spoken about us. He removes the distractions so that we can be real about our desires and our discontentment with life. It’s not until we’re reminded of the truth of what God’s spoken that we can combat the snare to compare.

So, friends I encourage you to take the time that you need. If that means, getting off of social media for a period of time or so, and becoming present with those around you or even deactivating for a while- do what you must to thrive as a son or daughter!

I love you guys and I can’t wait to speak with you all soon!




I Love You

This title is my confession
but based on my profession
it is customary for me to say it again
Now and then
and forever
I speak these words as an anchor
for your heart
as beautiful as a work of art
I grace these three words to you
their impact great, though their letters few
So here I go..knowing this is what my heart wants to do
Darling, I. love. you.
I loved you before you believed
In an us, in a we
I loved you before you loved yourself
When you placed our love on a shelf
I loved you when you was lost in the world
Even then I wanted to be your girl
And all in all my love remained true
I love you despite all we've been through
I love you now
I love you not knowing how
my love will affect those around me
but whatever will be, will be
You see?
Darling, I can't live my life based on others opinions
on what they determine are my sins
I can't decide who to love based on a consensus
because then there would be no us
Maybe I'm biased
but with you I am my boldest
And I can't allow other's brief distrust
to ruin the greatest
love I have ever known
seeds of beautiful change have been sown
And as if that isn't enough
I might just
up the ante on this bet I have on us two
and say for the rest of eternity, I will love you
Yes I will
When all the earth stands still
And the wonder of the seas begins to cease
and the world ponders if there is still peace
I will still love you
in fact my love grew
over the years
as situations bottled our tears
and we had to make an alliance
as tough times came to rob the essence
of our love
like a dove
who waited to be released from it's hiding place
so that it could face
what was to come
we too waited from
the sidelines so that we could
understanding that we should
love each other with everything
regardless of who was asking
I will love you when your spirit decides to go away
knowing that you can no longer stay
in the earth with me
as you pass into eternity
I will still love you
There's nothing else that I'll rather do
Then, now and forever
my love will be your anchor
it will be sturdy and well-fixed
with patience and honesty
designed for you and me
I did, I do, and I will
love you for eternity
© Simone Holloway, 2015

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We’re in the middle

of God’s game of shuffle board

and I am in this different

place than you

God has a cue

in His hand

ready to make His move

He pushes you left

He pushes me right 

out of darkness

into marvelous light

My cocoa skin blends

with yours,white

Like a disc

we’re thrown toward each other

defying the teaching

of our mothers

what time is it….

time for introductions 

except I’ve met you before

once upon a time

you was at my door

begging for me to see 

that you loved me

really loved

me with all your heart

from the start

I loved you 

It’s time for what…

for us to meet each other again

yep, my friend

it’s the new me

can you see?

Hello my name is


nice to meet you!

(c) Simone Holloway, 2015

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July 31, 2011

Hello Authentic Lovers

“There’s tension from the start

A fire warms our hands

Anger warms your heart

I looked over

Saw something new

Brows bent, voice raised, & cursing lips

It was a different you

Rude, furious, & vile

You no longer laughed

You no longer smiled

The craziness of it all

How arguments start small

They spread like wildfire

Like the poison of a liar

A seed sown; I could not till

All apart of Satan’s will

To distract, confuse and create chaos

Your heart broken, your hope lost

I a w k w a r d l y watched

As a horn *BLARED* my cue

That night left me

with a different picture of you

I left you angry

I left you lost

If only I knew

My action’s cost

If I only knew…

I would have never left you.

(c) Simone Holloway, 2014

Today’s poetry tells the story of an onlooker witnessing an argument between someone they know and someone else.  Situations allow us to see individuals in a different light, but all in all- we are never to cast judgement: we are supposed to be there for people during hard times.  When we witness hearts being broken and self-esteems being lost, we are to be present and speak a word of hope.  That’s our role in the earth, to be bearers of hope.  I learned this lesson when it was too late- I pray that you don’t do the same!

Until next time,

Mo 🙂

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Your Life Means Something

Dear Reader (Yes, you!),

I know that sometimes it seems that what you do means nothing.  I know that sometimes it seems that you are invisible, like no one can see.  Like no one can see that you are hurting, that life is not what it “cracks up” to be.  I know that it seems like no one can see that you’re empty, that you’re running on fumes- that you lack motivation and drive.  I know that it seems like no one can see that you’re broken, that your heart is shattered into a million pieces.  Like no one can see that you’re lonely, rejected and you feel unloved.  I  know that sometimes it seems like no one can hear the negative words that people say to you, or even the words that you mutter to yourself.  Like no one can hear your feet slipping, like you’re bound to fall to your doom.  I know that it seems like no one can relate to what you’re going through.  Like no one knows what it’s like to be in your shoes.

I know, I know….

I am writing to you today to let you know that someone sees, hears and knows. God sees, hears and knows.  God sees you.  He sees you when you wake up, wishing that you hadn’t.  He sees you as you go to work and feel like a failure.  He sees how people treat you and He sees as your heart breaks to the sadness you experience.  He sees you as you look in the mirror and hate what you see…you hate what He made: you.  He looks at you in all of His beauty and He smiles at the work of His hands.  He looks down at you and He smiles because He loves you more than anything else- He loves you.  He knows that sometimes it’s hard to be alive, so He comes with His hands outstretched full of peace and grace for the day.  He extends His love to you.  When you think you’re going to fall, He’s there waiting to catch you.  When you think you’re invisible and that no one cares, He’s there looking and watching out for you.  When you think that life has dealt you an awful hand in life, He watches and He rigs the dice in your favor.  He wants the best for you, He desires to love you.  He desires you!

Your life means something to’s more valuable than rubies and diamonds.  More precious than silver and gold.  Your life means everything to Him, you mean the world to Him- He loves you!  He sees every tear that you cry, every sleepless night,and He is touched by the condition of your heart.  He is touched by your circumstances and your situations.  He is touched by you and He seeks to make things better- He wants to love you.  You are necessary, valuable and an asset to society.  You are His prize, most precious possession- but will you let Him love you?  Will you allow Him to wrap you in His arms and make everything alright?  Will you let Him in?  He loves you where you are and want to bring you to where you need to be. He wants to love you deeper than you’ve ever been loved before, but you gotta let Him in.  You have to allow Him to love you deeply.

You mean the world to the Creator of it.

Until next time,

Mo 🙂

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Don’t miss this moment…don’t let it pass you by. – Mary Mary “Slow walk” 2011

We have to remember to live in the present, it’s in the present that some of the best memories are made 🙂