Happy Christmas

Hello old friends, new followers and fellow bloggers- 

Happy Holidays!  I wish you all an amazing Christmas season, filled with joy and love.  I know that for some of you all, Christmas is a hard time. It’s a time when you’re reminded of loss of family, your status of singleness, and just the fact that you are spending this time alone.  But, be of good cheer!  You have a whole family, here, ready to love you and encourage you throughout this time.

Once upon a time, I used to dread the holidays; but then I realized that I am so blessed. I have an amazing family who loves me for me, wonderful friends and I am living my dream.  So, I would like to encourage each of you to find the blessings in your lives, the little miracles that holds an eternal smile on your faces.  I believe that God works all around us to remind us that we have so much more than what we think.  We have Him, friends, roofs over our heads, clean water and we live (well some of us) in a country that affords us amazing freedoms.  I am truly blessed and even though I may not have a significant other or a spouse, I am not alone because God is with me.  One of my favorite verses to dwell on during the holidays is Matt. 28:20 b, which says “… And lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. Amen.”  We are never alone.  May you find comfort in this verse and realize that He is all around you with his arms open wide- ready to love you well.

I believe that Christmas is not about gifts and material things but about loving others well. I believe that Christmas is about spreading joy and sharing the greatest gift of Christ with the world. For it is my belief, that the day this sweet baby boy came to the world- the world was changed forever.  Jesus came to change the world.  He came to bring hope and to bring love to the outsiders.  He came to bring joy to the depressed, to rescue those who were hanging on by a wing and a prayer.  He came for broken people, for those that people gave up on, for those that were deemed to be unlovable.  Jesus came for you and me and it was with compassion and love that he entered into our world ready to give up everything for us.  He loves us well and during this season, may we share his love with others and love well.

Anyways…family, I love each and everyone of you.  Thank you guys for sticking with me over the  years.  Thank you for reading my posts, thank you for your comments, thank you for investing in me as I seek to pour into each and every one of you.  You guys have loved me well over these past few years and for that I am so grateful!  Thank you for being my family during some of the hardest seasons of my life and  I pray that God will pour His  love out on each and every one of you.  You guys have loved me well and I seek  to continue to love each and every one of you. MERRY CHRISTMAS FAMILY!!!! 

Until next time,



Valentine’s Day

Today marks a  day for love

love without partiality and hypocrisy….

I’ve tasted of this love & I

with all of my might – extend

this love to you.

One thing is surely true,

nothing can separate us- our hearts

sewn together as one.

A great prize, we won each other.

It’s a day when I remember my eternal gift

love unconditional, from glory to glory…

changing the very story of my life.

To  a husband, I would become wife.

And to a galaxy, stars in the sky

completing creation’s purpose of beauty.

It’s today that I see…

I am blessed.

Blessed beyond measure,

no matter the stormy weather…

Because this love have given me

sunny days…

Maybe I’m in a love haze.

As the smoky glory of God wraps over our being,

in you, His love is freeing-

making forgiveness, easy and breezy

and beautiful

you are suitable…

for me.

©Simone Holloway, 2016


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Vacations, Birthdays and Gratitude

Hello old friends, new followers and fellow bloggers-

God is good!  That is my simple declaration for the day regardless of what it looks like, regardless of what it feels like- God is good.  I just got home from Orlando and it was wonderful!  I love vacations, birthdays, anniversaries; really any need for celebrations.  I love to celebrate.  I think that life has a way of sucking the life out of us, it has a way of taking our joy and stealing our peace.  Life has this dark, depressing way of ruining our dreams and reminding us of all of our failures.  This is why I love celebrations, because it’s God’s way of causing us to reflect on life with complete gratitude.  Yes, life may not be the best- but we are alive and therefore, God is good.  Yes, the struggle is real- but regardless, God is good.  Celebrations have a way of filling our hearts with gratitude.

My family and I vacationed in Orlando for my mother’s birthday. It was nice seeing my mom relax for a change.  Sometimes, ministry stresses us out and we need a little more grace to make it from day to day- just a little bit more.  I think my mom needed a little bit more grace and just a few days to get away from all of the responsibility that has been placed on her shoulders- so we went on vacation.  My mom was so carefree; I watched as she laughed more, smiled more, and just had an awesome time. Her happiness made me happy and I began to reflect on the goodness of God towards His people.

I think God has a way of slowing down time; a simple way for us to see the world around us.  He has a way of showing us that glimmer of light in the midst of darkness.  He shows us the light so that we may have hope, hope that everything though it may appear dark and dim will be alright.  He is light.  He is hope.  He is good.

So today, Happy Monday and please reflect on the goodness of God.  I know life is tough.  I know life can take you for a whirl.  I know life has this tendency to try your faith, but have hope in God.  Look for the light in the midst of the darkness and understand that there is always hope because He is good.  Today, be filled with gratitude and love for our Creator!

Until next time,

Mo 🙂

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Blessings in Disguise

Hello old friends, new followers and fellow bloggers- 

Today started a little….on the rough side.  So I got up and got dressed for work, left on time and everything- only to get there and not have a way in.  This seems to be a common theme with my place of work, I need a key but have been waiting on that for the longest.  Of course, I see that I got a text message saying I could come into work an hour later- while I am standing outside the door!  Slowly but surely, I felt the irritation rising as I looked at my mom who sat waiting in the car.  She had to go to school early today because of exams, so this little inconvenience not only affected me but her as well. If I was a lighter complexion, I think she would have seen the redness on my cheeks and the steam rising off of me.

A man’s heart deviseth his way, but the Lord directeth his steps. Proverbs 16:9

So I’m back home, because of unfortunate circumstance, missing a day of work because of the lack of responsibility.  I could do one of two things: wallow in irritation or change my perception of the situation.  Instead of thinking about today being a day of lost wages, I’ll see it as a free spa day: one where I lounge at home, wash my hair, do my nails and just relax! I start another job in the morning, and I need to be really rested for that position.

Today’s case of unfortunate events was just an avenue for a blessing in disguise.

Instead of work and stress, I will be accompanied by peace and relaxation today and I choose to view my day in a new light.  I am blessed, whether I am in the office or not.  I am blessed whether I am strutting in my heels or my house slippers.  I am still blessed.

SO like me, today may have started a little rough.  It may have been super extensive and annoying in the beginning but I bet if you look at your situation you can see the blessing just waiting to be acknowledged.  There is always a blessing in disguise.

P.S. Did I mention that I left my phone in my mom’s car :/ ….. Oh well. guess I am supposed to be unplugged today!

Until next time,

Mo 🙂

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Beyond Blessed

Hello old friends, new followers and fellow bloggers-

TODAY HAS BEEN GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so far, at least.  I feel like I am engulfed in a ray of beautiful sunshine, a simply beacon of happiness.  My post “I LOVE YOU” is featured on The Fickle Heartbeat, Bethel Music favorited and replied to my tweet about them (total fan-girl moment!!!!!)  and my friend gave me money for lunch to which I enjoyed an amazing Sweet Onion Teriyaki Sub.

Today just has been perfect.  The sun is shining, the birds are singing, I’m content and life is just beautiful because God has made it that way.  Y’all I am so happy and I wanted to share that happiness with each and every one of you.  Be blessed beyond measure.

 The blessing of the Lord, it maketh rich, and he addeth no sorrow with it.

Proverbs 10:22 (KJV)

Until next time,

Mo 🙂

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We’re in the middle

of God’s game of shuffle board

and I am in this different

place than you

God has a cue

in His hand

ready to make His move

He pushes you left

He pushes me right 

out of darkness

into marvelous light

My cocoa skin blends

with yours,white

Like a disc

we’re thrown toward each other

defying the teaching

of our mothers

what time is it….

time for introductions 

except I’ve met you before

once upon a time

you was at my door

begging for me to see 

that you loved me

really loved

me with all your heart

from the start

I loved you 

It’s time for what…

for us to meet each other again

yep, my friend

it’s the new me

can you see?

Hello my name is


nice to meet you!

(c) Simone Holloway, 2015

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Dear Ten Year Old Self

Dear Ten-Year Old Self,

I decided to write you a letter.  It’s been awhile since we have spoken- I’ve been extremely busy.  You know, I’m in my twenties now.  I guess you can say that not much has changed since we last spoken.  I’m a little bit taller, a few shades darker- but my hopes and dreams are the same.  My love for life is the same, my desire to laugh every moment I’m breathing is the same and my affinity for music is also the same.  I remember when you used to look in the mirror, and breathe just to keep your heart calm.  I still do that, when I’m anxious- I sit in front of the mirror and take deep breaths  * breathe in * * breathe out*.  I  remember you looking at life filled with love.  You used to look at you parents and say “One day, I’m going to have what they have.”  You just knew that someone was going to love you.  You just knew….  I remember when you would pray to God for your love.  You wanted someone to love you, to make you laugh and someone to cook for you because you always said “Why cook when someone can cook for me?”,  You wanted a love that was lively as you were.  I remember you loving with all of your heart and expecting only good to come back to you. I remember you being happy, very happy,,,, 

Well, then you grew up and realized that life is not what you thought it was.  You realized that life was not a fairy-tale, there is no happily ever afters.  You began to see that the love you would give others would not be reciprocated back to you. It’ll never be reciprocated… You’ll be used, abused and mistreated.  You’ll be neglected and cast aside,  You smile would be stolen from you and your wish to be loved left unanswered.  The light you saw in the world would darken and rejection clouded your vision.

 You became the girl, no one wanted to love.  You became the girl. no one wanted to fight for,  You became the girl, no one wanted to pursue and then you felt yourself falling back into that cocoon.  The place where you sought to keep yourself safe because if you acted like you didn’t care- no one could hurt you.  No one could get under your skin, you was untouchable.

So yes… honey, you grew up and you realized that some are blessed to be loved and some never get the privilege.  Those who can’t, teach because what they desire so much is restricted by God.  He stood and closed His hand- love was not given.  It was not given to you and it was in that moment that you realized that like most dreamers- maybe…just maybe,  you was created to be alone.

Those who can’t have, learn to always let go…


Livin’ A Blessed Life

Hello old friends, new followers and fellow bloggers-

Today was a great day.  I spent the majority of the day at work answering phone calls and hunting people down. lol.  Today was one of those stress-free days when everything works together and what was sensed to be problems cease to be no more.  Today was one of those days when everything happens on time and you experience only happy thoughts.  Today was one of those days filled with worship and praise to God , an experience that some usually don’t usually don’t have time to engage in but are privileged to have.  Today was my day and I am blessed.  I am deeply blessed, blessed beyond measure and I am livin’ a blessed life.  I pray the same for you today!  Share with me your thoughts, are you livin’ a blessed life?

Until next time,

Mo 🙂

Working Girl

Hello old friends, new followers, and fellow blogger-

Hi guys!  I am just getting a free moment to write you all.  Today has been an extremely busy day in that I am a working girl now. I am a law clerk at a law firm here in my hometown.  I basically gave up going to law school to work in a firm first.  It’s amazing how God sets us up in the best positions of our life.  I love my new job and I am learning things super quickly.  I got the chance to meet so many amazing people and I am able to do my job in peace- awesome, right?  God’s favor is so on point and I love the fact that I can learn and grow as an individual.  I hope each and every one of ya’ll are had a great day and we’ll talk soon!  I love ya’ll.

Until next time,

Mo ❤

My Only

Hello old friends, new followers and fellow bloggers – 

It’s pretty unusual for me to blog twice in one night but I guess I have a lot to say. lol. 😉 I was sitting in the living room and I just happened to be bombarded with so many memories, good memories.  I am the type of person that treasure memories.  My friends know that I cherish memorable moments, the times that are etched into my heart.  It seems like lately I’ve been bombarded with memories of the one I love, it’s like I breathe him in.  So as I was sitting on my couch, his face came to my mind and a smile formed on my lips and in that moment I was sure that he was my one and only.  He is the only one for me.  

Some of us live life falling in and out of love, we “like-like” so many people, we think so many different people could be our  soul-mates, but we still find ourselves unsatisfied with those we have made to be “forever” people.  

It’s something about finding your one and only, it’s refreshing and it makes your spirit come alive.  The funny part about all of this is that we don’t find the love of our lives, they find us.  They find us on our jobs, in the grocery store, at a football game, in a classroom , and even in church.  When we are least expecting to find love or to open our hearts to it, love finds us and makes us new. 


So, I’m sitting here and thinking about how deeply blessed I am- to know the love of my life.  I am deeply blessed to have such a strong individual in my life, one who is generous and kind, one who cares about my well-being, one who is stable and seeks to keep me safe.  I am deeply blessed.  I am blessed with someone who loves God and even though they might not understand everything they are willing to learn and grow in their faith.  I am deeply blessed with someone who has my back and has had it from the beginning. I am deeply blessed that I got the chance, at 21; to have met, befriended, and fallen deeply in love with my one and only.  Some individuals never meet the love of their life, some never meet their soul-mate, some never come within 50 feet of their “match” made in heaven- but I got what some never got the chance to have. I am deeply blessed.


So now what???  In this moment, I choose to thank God for my one and only.  In this moment, I choose to pray for him daily as he live his life seeking the more of God.  In this moment, I choose to love everything about him ( good,bad,and ugly lol.).  In this moment, I choose to journey with him into this next section of life.  I choose to be a support system, a confidante, a loyal companion.  

I choose to be all that is needed of me in this moment, because I know that what God has joined together- let no man put asunder (separate).

 I choose to put God first in all things, including our relationship.  I choose to reflect the love God has for me to him, I choose to illuminate love.  I choose to be careful with what God had given me, not allowing words, thoughts or actions to break his heart.  In this moment, it becomes my priority to establish deeper trust, love and compassion. He will live his life knowing that his heart is safe with me.  He is my one and only and I am his.  

you're my one and only

If God has given you someone, please cherish them.  Take care of that person, God has given you. Use your words wisely, value their trust, make note of the little things.  Be patient.  Love with everything and don’t allow your past to sabotage your future.  You are free to love and be loved deeply by your one and only.  Let love in completely and watch God’s love illuminate through this person to you.  This love will only change you for the better.  

Until next time, 

❤ Mo