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Hello old friends, new followers and fellow bloggers – 

It’s pretty unusual for me to blog twice in one night but I guess I have a lot to say. lol. 😉 I was sitting in the living room and I just happened to be bombarded with so many memories, good memories.  I am the type of person that treasure memories.  My friends know that I cherish memorable moments, the times that are etched into my heart.  It seems like lately I’ve been bombarded with memories of the one I love, it’s like I breathe him in.  So as I was sitting on my couch, his face came to my mind and a smile formed on my lips and in that moment I was sure that he was my one and only.  He is the only one for me.  

Some of us live life falling in and out of love, we “like-like” so many people, we think so many different people could be our  soul-mates, but we still find ourselves unsatisfied with those we have made to be “forever” people.  

It’s something about finding your one and only, it’s refreshing and it makes your spirit come alive.  The funny part about all of this is that we don’t find the love of our lives, they find us.  They find us on our jobs, in the grocery store, at a football game, in a classroom , and even in church.  When we are least expecting to find love or to open our hearts to it, love finds us and makes us new. 


So, I’m sitting here and thinking about how deeply blessed I am- to know the love of my life.  I am deeply blessed to have such a strong individual in my life, one who is generous and kind, one who cares about my well-being, one who is stable and seeks to keep me safe.  I am deeply blessed.  I am blessed with someone who loves God and even though they might not understand everything they are willing to learn and grow in their faith.  I am deeply blessed with someone who has my back and has had it from the beginning. I am deeply blessed that I got the chance, at 21; to have met, befriended, and fallen deeply in love with my one and only.  Some individuals never meet the love of their life, some never meet their soul-mate, some never come within 50 feet of their “match” made in heaven- but I got what some never got the chance to have. I am deeply blessed.  

So now what???  In this moment, I choose to thank God for my one and only.  In this moment, I choose to pray for him daily as he live his life seeking the more of God.  In this moment, I choose to love everything about him ( good,bad,and ugly lol.).  In this moment, I choose to journey with him into this next section of life.  I choose to be a support system, a confidante, a loyal companion.  

I choose to be all that is needed of me in this moment, because I know that what God has joined together- let no man put asunder (separate).

 I choose to put God first in all things, including our relationship.  I choose to reflect the love God has for me to him, I choose to illuminate love.  I choose to be careful with what God had given me, not allowing words, thoughts or actions to break his heart.  In this moment, it becomes my priority to establish deeper trust, love and compassion. He will live his life knowing that his heart is safe with me.  He is my one and only and I am his.  

you're my one and only

If God has given you someone, please cherish them.  Take care of that person, God has given you. Use your words wisely, value their trust, make note of the little things.  Be patient.  Love with everything and don’t allow your past to sabotage your future.  You are free to love and be loved deeply by your one and only.  Let love in completely and watch God’s love illuminate through this person to you.  This love will only change you for the better.  

Until next time, 

❤ Mo


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  1. Kam says:

    Reblogged this on Journeys and Devotions and commented:
    Inspiration. A relationship where both people are drawing choose to God can only end up in bringing them closer to each other. Great post.

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    1. Mo says:

      Thank you so much!


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