We’re Still Slaves

Hello old friends, new followers and fellow bloggers-

Think slavery is in the past? Think not!  Slavery is still among us…within our communities, on our streets, living and breathing our existence. Ladies and gentlemen, we’re still slaves.  You might be thinking, you’re crazy- slavery has been abolished.  No man can own another. Yes, that’s true but this slavery that I speak of is not one achieved through force but rather one we voluntarily accept- the slavery of sin. Yep, I said it- we are slaves to sin.  Some of us that “know” God are still bound to the ways of sin and we have accepted our bondage as one that is inevitable, something to get used to- our “struggle”.

The crazy thing about bondage is that, when you’re bound for so long- you don’t know how to approach a lifestyle of freedom.  There is a story of an elephant that was shackled by it’s one leg from birth to only go so far, circling a tree. When the elephant ( now an adult) was freed from its bondage, it did not run free but rather still circled the nearby tree as if trapped.  The mindset of bondage, have kept some of us from reaching our purpose- have kept some of us from even trying to find the purpose that is within us.  We’re free men and women but yet, we are still slaves to the mindset of sin.

We’re still slaves. 

When we come into the knowledge of Jesus Christ and we give our hearts to Him, we no longer remain slaves to sin- but to righteousness.  We choose to do what’s right because we are no longer bound to the actions of wrong.  The problem comes when we are set free and given an ability to say “no”, yet we continue to say “yes” to things that do not please God.  Harriet Tubman, said that she would have set more slaves free if they only knew they were slaves.  How many of us are slaves, and have no idea?  We just live this life the same way we always have… We’ve had these habits for years, it’s apart of us…  All of these excuses reveal to us that we are enslaved and have no understanding of our slavery.  We view our bondage as normal and that is what keeps us from seeking freedom.

So today, I shine a light on your bondage.  I make you aware of the fact that you are trapped in a place of mediocre and complacency.  I make you aware that you do not have to settle to a lifestyle of habits and addictions.  I inform you of the fact that you too can be free.  I shine a light on where you are, so that you can see where you should be. Free from the past, free from disappointment, free from loneliness and low self-esteem.  I shine a light in the direction of freedom, in the person of Jesus Christ.  He has come to set the captives (slaves) free!

Until next time,

Mo 🙂

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