He Think He Slick…

Hello old friends, new followers and fellow bloggers-

Hey y’all!  Today has been a great day, filled with peace and relaxation, but today as I was checking out the profiles of some of the those that follow me on Tumblr- I became upset by one of the pages I saw.  This person’s page looked like it was a Christian page, with a scripture here or there- but the images that came up were explicit perverse images.  I was HEATED  because as someone who was delivered from perversion, I hate it when I am surprised by perverse things.  I choose not to watch explicit scenes, I choose not to use bad language, I’ve changed and therefore I don’t invite perversion into my atmosphere or into my life.  As an individual on the road of purity; in my mind, actions and soul- I go to extremes to maintain my lifestyle in pursuit of pleasing God with my life.  SO I WAS HIGHLY HEATED…when my eyes saw some things that it shouldn’t have, HIGHLY HEATED….

But I think, I was more upset that this person pretended to be something that they weren’t.  They had this facade of purity but their blog didn’t reflect the mask that they wore.  I hate it when people pretend.  If you are dealing with perverse thoughts and you like to have sex and watch porn- then just admit it!  Don’t lie about it and pretend to be something that isn’t true.  I rather someone flat out tell me that they are bound to sin than to lie to me and that they aren’t.  That’s just me. When I was struggling with porn- I came out and told the truth and this honesty produced freedom in my life.

But you know what the Enemy think he slick… that after I ran into my accidental discovery that I was going to revert back to my past lifestyle.  That I was going to yearn and desire pornography.  That I was going to voluntarily make my bed in hell, but he’s stupid because I’m NEVER going back!!!! NEVER!!!!

I’ve made up in my mind that I was no longer living in a mindset of sneaking around, doing things that I wasn’t supposed to do because of some temporary thrill of pleasure.  A pleasure that left me empty, guilty and seeking to end my life.  I’m NEVER going back and right now y’all I am so mad at the enemy, I can’t stand his guts.

You know fam, he comes to steal, kill and destroy.  He comes to trick you back in to bondage and to throw away the key, but I am so happy that greater is He that is in me, than he that is in the world.  God is greater, He is bigger, He is more powerful than sin and the Enemy.  HE IS!!! 

Well…. I guess my rant is over, thought I would share my raw thoughts with you and I wanted to encourage you to be real.  I don’t care if you believe in God or if you don’t. I don’t care if you know “Christian” language or if you don’t.  I don’t care if you are church-ed or unchurch-ed.  All I care about is your authenticity, the realness of your soul.  So if you say you are a person of faith, be a person of faith.  If you say you love God, then love God. If say you live for Him, then live for Him.

Don’t pretend. Don’t make things up.  Don’t lie.  Be real!

Until next time,

Mo 🙂

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I Desire To Forget

Hello old friends, new followers and fellow bloggers –

Today’s devotional was about forgiveness and I thought I would share my deepest desire with you.  I desire to forgive in such a magnitude that I don’t remember the sins of those that wronged me. Many say forgive but never forget, however I don’t want to remember.  I don’t want to have a memory that attaches someone/some place from my past to a particular feeling.  I want to be able to see that person and harbor no resentment/bitterness in my heart toward them.  I want to be able to see that person and not worry about them hurting me again, because I now lack the knowledge of them hurting me before. I want to be able to step into a building and not react with feelings of insecurity because of the sins that were committed in that place.  I believe that operating in true forgiveness allows me to do just that, without this guilt of “I’m being dumb or naïve.”  I strive to walk in a forgiveness that forgets the wrongs of those that sinned against me.

1 Corinthians 13: 5 says that “Love remembers no wrongs…” it does not harbor past transgressions against no one.  Love does not remember past sins and faults.  This love and forgiveness is demonstrated to us through love of Jesus Christ.  He died for us, loving us in spite of our mistakes and faults and loving us into a personal transformation.  He forgave our faults and He does not harbor them against us any longer. His love is real and His forgiveness is sure.  I being His servant/ambassador/friend, walk even as He has walked and choose to not remember the sins of those that done things to me in the past.  I choose not to remember, no to hold someone to a memory of who they once was….

***NEWSFLASH*** People change!  That’s right, you heard it here first folks!  People change.  Some change for the better, others change for the worse- but all in all change is evident and consistently in effect.  Change is inevitable. So if I hold my brother or sister to a fault that occurred in their past self, against them in the present time- where change may have occurred- I am not being fair.  I am not being just.  Because God is just, He does not hold our past sins to us but acknowledge the possibility of change.

Should we do the same? Are we being truly just? Or are we living life constantly being unfair?

Today, I encourage you to forgive.  I encourage you to let things go and to choose to not remember.

Why harbor bad memories?  Why hold sadness in your heart? To learn a lesson?  The lesson has been learned and applied, so isn’t it time to find happiness again?  Isn’t it time for reconciliation? Isn’t it time to be free to have happy memories again?  Isn’t it time to forget completely?  Isn’t it?

The choice is yours on how you live your life.  Whether you are happy or living in sadness- the choice is yours.  I choose to be happy.  I choose to love like Christ loves.  I choose to completely forgive.  I choose to forget!

Until next time,

Mo 🙂

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The Jig Is Up

Hello old friends, new followers and fellow bloggers –

Honesty is one of the best tools employed by God to produce freedom.  I’ve struggled with things a majority of my life, over the last few years it has been sexual sin(in the form of porn and/or masturbation).  I can freely speak on these things, because I have been made free from these sins .  Even after freedom, the Enemy has plagued me for the last six months- telling me that God didn’t really set me free and that I was still bound to him.  The worst part is as I became tired from fighting, I began to believe him.  What if I was still bound to my past? What if there are roots in me that is keeping me stuck to the Enemy?  So today…I did some research, I desired to know scripture to combat the enemy, so I looked up what the Bible has to say about masturbation.  I found that the Church doesn’t like to talk about these things, which is sad because if we discussed some of these things … more people would be free.

John 8:32 says”Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” NIV

That’s the beauty of the truth, it exposes what you may have never seen in order to guide you to freedom.

God showed me that the root for my dealings with sexual sin was the fact that I didn’t love myself.  I said I loved myself and projected this false sense of confidence but in actuality, I neither loved nor saw myself the way God loved and saw me.  This is why I allowed loneliness to rob me of so many years.  This is why I entered into so many awful relationships and this is why I allowed people to mistreat and mishandle me for so long. God saw me as precious, but I saw myself as worthless- meaning absolutely nothing to those around me.  This was the root cause of what’s been going on in the my life…

What are your roots?  Why are dealing with the sin you are entrapped in?  If you ask…the Holy Spirit will show you the exact cause of your voluntary bondage.

Secret sins only exist if we allow them to remain a secret.  I’ve learned that I rather tell on myself, be transparent and free then to be bound to the bondage of silence.  Some don’t care for my transparency but I won’t change my path of freedom for another’s opinion.

You can not love unconditionally until you receive the unconditional love given  to you.  As you receive My love, I show you your value and worth in Me.  You then come to love yourself and others.

These are the words the Holy Spirit ministered to me this evening, and so I share them with you.  It’s time to face our fears, demons, setbacks and disappointments. It’s time to be truly honest with oneself and destroy the charade that some of us has been presenting for years.  So join me as we tell the world that we will live in truth and we will walk in freedom.

With God’s help, I am learning to love and see myself the way He does.  As I progress in Him, He gives me the strength to be the best I can be.  You can be the best you can be.  You can be free.  No matter what the addiction is, no matter the circumstance, no matter the habit – freedom can be yours as well.  I believe in a God that is bigger than what I am facing and bigger than what I am going through.  His love can set you free!

Until next time,

Mo 🙂

© 2015

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Go Your Way And Sin No More

Hello old friends, new followers and fellow bloggers- 

Being that today is Freedom Friday, I thought I would address the dangers of entertaining the enemy after your deliverance.  I have been guilty of this, so I can discuss this- but even today I made up my mind that I was no longer going to entertain the demons that held me bound prior to deliverance.  The fact of the matter is: Christ sets us free.  He does, in fact John 8:36 states “Who the Son has set free is free indeed” meaning that once He has set you free, you are without a doubt free.  I think the problem arises when we allow the old things that kept us bound to dictate to us concerning our freedom, and therefore we fall back into the bondage we fought so hard to get out of.  I’m reminded of Jesus in John 5, how he healed the man that was sick for 38 years (he was crippled/paralyzed).  Jesus told the man to take up his bed and to walk.  He then found the man later and said  “You art made whole. Go your way and sin no more, lest something worse come upon you.”  This phrase “Go your way and sin no more” stood out to me because it showed me that the individual( man by the pool of Bethesda) was in the situation that he was in- ultimately because of sin.

 Sin crippled him, Sin paralyzed him, and Sin had this man stuck in a painful place in life for 38 years.

Christ knowing this…approaches and heals this man of his infirmity, but then comes back forgives the sin and warns of the aftermath if the man returns back to that lifestyle.

I think that by Christ coming back and giving that warning, He was so wise.  Think about it.  If my friend was an alcoholic ( had real trouble with alcohol), I would not take him/her to a bar.  Even though they may be strong enough to be in that environment, it would still be foolish of me to have what kept them bound in their vicinity.  Here’s another example, say this man kidnapped me and hid me in his warehouse for a number of years.  He fed me and gave me water but he tortured me and destroyed my self-esteem.  The FBI gets word of my disappearance; they come, find and rescue me from the captivity of this man.  I’m a free agent once again and I began to live life on my own.  But what if, I return back to the one that put me into captivity.  I showed up at the warehouse and I submit to my kidnapper once more, all of you would say that I made a stupid decision.  I would get calls like “HOW COULD YOU?” and “WHY????” and “THE FBI SHOULDN’T HELP YOU THIS TIME.” Some might even call saying “WE HAVE WASTED OUR TIME AND RESOURCES ON YOU.”  That’s just the honest-truth.  The sad part is, we are like the character I portrayed to you tonight. Sin has kidnapped our free will, has bound and tormented us.  So Christ being the awesome person He is, He comes like the FBI- He finds, rescue and sets us free.  The kicker is: WE RETURN BACK TO OUR SIN!!!!.  Does God the Son complain?  No.  Does He view us as a waste of time and resources? No. In fact, He rescues us again and again.  But why live in bondage, when you can be free?  Why live in this victim mentality, when you can be victorious? WHY???

So this evening, I whisper to you the same words that Jesus whispered to me : “You are made whole- Your sins are forgiven. Go your way and sin no more, lest something worse come upon you.”

Until next time,

Mo 🙂

P.S. For more passages of scripture regarding this subj, Check out : John 8: 1-11; Hebrews 12:1-2, Romans 12: 1-2, Galatians 5:1, and etc.  There are many more about staying in the liberty of Christ.  If you have any questions: feel free to email me @ authenticlove789@gmail.com, you can tweet or DM me @framesofdust8 or you can message me on our Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/authenticlove789.  I ❤ you guys so much; stay encouraged!

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We’re Still Slaves

Hello old friends, new followers and fellow bloggers-

Think slavery is in the past? Think not!  Slavery is still among us…within our communities, on our streets, living and breathing our existence. Ladies and gentlemen, we’re still slaves.  You might be thinking, you’re crazy- slavery has been abolished.  No man can own another. Yes, that’s true but this slavery that I speak of is not one achieved through force but rather one we voluntarily accept- the slavery of sin. Yep, I said it- we are slaves to sin.  Some of us that “know” God are still bound to the ways of sin and we have accepted our bondage as one that is inevitable, something to get used to- our “struggle”.

The crazy thing about bondage is that, when you’re bound for so long- you don’t know how to approach a lifestyle of freedom.  There is a story of an elephant that was shackled by it’s one leg from birth to only go so far, circling a tree. When the elephant ( now an adult) was freed from its bondage, it did not run free but rather still circled the nearby tree as if trapped.  The mindset of bondage, have kept some of us from reaching our purpose- have kept some of us from even trying to find the purpose that is within us.  We’re free men and women but yet, we are still slaves to the mindset of sin.

We’re still slaves. 

When we come into the knowledge of Jesus Christ and we give our hearts to Him, we no longer remain slaves to sin- but to righteousness.  We choose to do what’s right because we are no longer bound to the actions of wrong.  The problem comes when we are set free and given an ability to say “no”, yet we continue to say “yes” to things that do not please God.  Harriet Tubman, said that she would have set more slaves free if they only knew they were slaves.  How many of us are slaves, and have no idea?  We just live this life the same way we always have… We’ve had these habits for years, it’s apart of us…  All of these excuses reveal to us that we are enslaved and have no understanding of our slavery.  We view our bondage as normal and that is what keeps us from seeking freedom.

So today, I shine a light on your bondage.  I make you aware of the fact that you are trapped in a place of mediocre and complacency.  I make you aware that you do not have to settle to a lifestyle of habits and addictions.  I inform you of the fact that you too can be free.  I shine a light on where you are, so that you can see where you should be. Free from the past, free from disappointment, free from loneliness and low self-esteem.  I shine a light in the direction of freedom, in the person of Jesus Christ.  He has come to set the captives (slaves) free!

Until next time,

Mo 🙂

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What If?

“he does not treat us as our sins deserve
    or repay us according to our iniquities.” 

Hello Authentic Lovers

Psalm 103 has always been one of my favorite Psalms.  “Bless the Lord O my soul..”, David’s command to bless God because of His everlasting mercy and kindness, compels my heart to worship every single time.  I was thinking this morning about verse 10 (quoted above in the NIV translation), what if God’s treatment of us was dependant upon our level of sin?  Like what if he was like you messed up and therefore your life is going to be awful…

 What if there was no mercy or forgiveness?  Where we would be?  What would our lives look like?

I thought about these questions as I pondered my own extension of mercy to others.  I know (honesty time) I am quick to treat others based on the way that they have wronged me, but I am always asking for forgiveness and mercy when I wrong others…sounds kind of weird, right? Yep!  My mom always says “The same measure of mercy that you give others will be given to you…” I didn’t truly understand what she was saying until I found myself needing mercy extended towards me.  You see…I’m not perfect and I have done things that I am not proud of, but God has always forgiven me-He always gave me mercy.  So.. shouldn’t I extend that same mercy to others? Shouldn’t I give others a second chance, the same way God has given me a second chance. 

The Word of God has a way of checking our hearts and causing us to question the way that we live.  So today, I question my tendency to write people off and I make an effort to give mercy.  Sometimes mercy will not be received, sometimes it’ll be taken advantage of but all-in-all it will be given– as it has been given to me.

Whatever measure of mercy that you give out will be given back unto you, so give freely.  I hope you all are having a great day and I pray that today you will be filled with gratitude at the mercy of God. Let’s talk soon!

Until next time,

Mo 🙂

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I Wanna Be…

Hello old friends, new followers and fellow bloggers –

I haven’t spoken to you all in a little while.  Life has been super crazy hectic and when we think things die down, they began to pick up even more.  I’m sitting in my living room, worship music is lulling me into a state of peace and I decide that tonight I would like to share my heart with each and every one of you.  There is a few things that we aspire to be: successful, beautiful, wise; just to name a few but I aspire to be blameless.  I don’t want to be the one that is constantly struggling with secret sins  and addictions, but  I want to be free so that I can free others.  We free those around us with the testimony of our overcoming, but if we never overcome – we stay stuck and are useful to no one.  We are not useful when we are stuck.  

I don’t want to sound harsh, I understand that people go through things…trust me I get it.

I’ve dealt with anything you could ever imagine and then some, but I don’t want to be in the same place I was three years ago.  I don’t want to be in the same place I was two weeks ago, not even the same place I was yesterday.  I want to be constantly changing, no longer a slave to sin but a servant of God- living a life above sin and reproach.

Today, all I hear about is “the struggle”.  The struggle with the lusts of our flesh, greed and avarice, pride and arrogance, even the struggle with identity and truth; but what happens when the struggle is over?  Do we ever overcome these things we have been battling for so long? Can we ever be blameless?  I’m reminded of the scripture that says that Christ is coming back for a bride without spot or blemish, a blameless bride- one without sin, yet I look at the bride and we are full of sin.  The sins of evil thoughts, talking about our brothers and sisters, quenching the Holy Ghost and etc.  The bride of Christ at this very moment is full of sin…

I know that I will not reach perfection until my Lover comes to present me to the Father, but does that mean that I stop striving toward perfection?  Does that mean that stop striving for freedom?  Freedom from lust, perversion, guilt, shame, malice and hatred?  Freedom from the “big” sins and the “small” sins?  Since the Lover of my soul has not returned yet, does that mean I stay bound to sin?  Bound to something that is tormenting me on a daily basis?  Do I stay stuck?

I wanna be blameless…I want God to be able to look at me and say “her heart is pure before Me”.  I want to be clothed in His Righteousness and Holiness.  I want to look like the Son, I want to reflect Jesus.  I wanna be blameless….

Many are asking that they be successful.  Many are asking that they be rich.  Many are asking that they be famous.  Many are asking that their name be in lights and known to all the world.  All I want in this life is to live a life that is pleasing to God- holy and acceptable. I want to live life free from the bondage of my past and past mistakes.  I want God to see me in the image of His Son, blameless..

I refuse to work in ministry and battle depression/suicidal thoughts.  I refuse to preach to others and engage in perverse behaviors such as pornography/ extramarital affairs and etc.  I refuse to be over the children’s church and don’t believe a word that I’m teaching.  I refuse to be over Sunday School and be addicted to prescription pills, drugs and alcohol.  I refuse to minister “Jesus Saves” and pray for the whole nation and be entangled in secret sins and addictions because the same God that can save my family members  and friends should be able to save me.  We cannot free others unless we are free ourselves…We have to be blameless.

I know that this piece is not going to be the most popular article written but it’s the sharing of my heart with you.  I share my heart because I have placed trust in you all – you guys are my blog family.  This is my wish for myself and therefore I do not impose my standard upon you but as for me – I want to be reunited with the Lover of my Soul and He’s only going to receive me if I’m blameless.  I love you all and have a blessed night!

Until next time,

Mo 🙂

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After All This Time…I’m Still Called (Alicia’s Story)

Hello old friends, new followers and fellow bloggers-

As a writer, I search for the opportunity to share stories.  I believe that everyone has something to share with the world.  Some have a platform…some don’t.  Some have the resources…some don’t.  Some have the courage…some don’t.  I decided that as a writer, I would open my blog up and allow those who need an opportunity to share their story- be able to do so on Authentic Love.  The stories that will be shared every Friday are stories of victory and overcoming, given to you freely- to fuel the hope and the courage you may need to see your dreams come true. Today I am going to share the story of Alicia; a mother, friend, sister and fellow God-lover who discovered that one’s purpose doesn’t have an expiration date on it- God will bring His word to pass concerning one’s life when they totally surrender to Him.

Alicia is the person that everyone wants to have in their corner.  She is loyal, trustworthy, compassionate and genuinely kind but her life hasn’t been one that was easily given to her. As the eldest of 5 children, she had to mature quickly to take care of her younger siblings,  As she played the role of “momma”, Alicia saw her childhood quickly drift by and adulthood seemed to come faster than expected.  Alicia grew up going to church, her mother taught her to fear God and to respect the house of the Lord.  Even God’s house seemed stale with the older population and the coldness of the saints.  Alicia was raised by her grandmother since her mother was really young when she had her.  When she was about 12 years old, she started to live with her mom, but during all of this time- Alicia’s dad was  not present in her life.  In fact, Alicia would not come to build a relationship with her dad until she was 25 years old.  The absence of her father created some trust issues that will find themselves present in her relationship with God.

Alicia has always been special, even as a child she had a certain bond with God.  She knew she was supposed to be working in ministry but because of the condition of the church she came out of and because of fear– Alicia spent 9 years away from God ( backslidden state), she became a mother (Two children before marriage) and then a wife to her children’s father. She spent nine years of living in sin and knowing that the hand of God was on her life.  This is why I say that fear can truly mess us up- because it will cause us to sacrifice what we know to be dear.  So, Alicia got her life back on track with God but she still refused to work in ministry.  Her past was like an unmistakable blood stain on one’s blouse- something you can’t miss.  The enemy lied to her- “God didn’t call you and He doesn’t want to use you anymore.”  He would whisper in her ear “You screwed up- it’s over, you’re done!”. Like all of us who have a rough past,  Alicia began to believe what was presented to her.  Her ministry became nonexistent and the gifts that God placed inside of her lied dormant. To make matters worse, the church that Alicia was attending did not believe that women could be in ministry or that women were called to do anything.   No one believed that Alicia was called into the ministry; not her church, or her family- Alicia didn’t even believe it herself.

Almost a year ago,  Alicia decided to change her life’s direction.  She started attending a different church, she made new friends, she changed some aspects of her lifestyle and she began to really desire more of God.

Alicia didn’t understand everything but she knew that she was supposed to be doing something in God that had purpose, she wasn’t called to be a seat warmer or to sit in the back and do nothing.  Alicia was created for greatness.  

In Alicia’s new church, she was pushed to be all that God wanted for her to be (Open Door Ministries, Greenville, SC– great ministry) and she was mandated to live her life to the fullest in God.  Her pastors pushed her to increase her prayer life and to increase her time spent in the Word.  Those gifts of prophesy, healing, help, etc. that were lying dormant in her began to come alive and manifest in her life.  Alicia began to see God keep His word regarding her life after all of those years and she knew that God did not abandon her- He was still on her side.

Alicia asked me to share her story with you, so you could know that God is still on your side.  No matter how long you have been away from your purpose, there is still room for you in the Kingdom of Heaven.  God still wants to use you and He still desires that you embrace your calling and change the world.

Your calling doesn’t die because you made some mistakes, it’s just waiting for you to pick yourself up and try again.  Your calling is waiting for you!  It’s waiting for you to walk into your destiny!

When you say “yes” to God,  it doesn’t  take long for God to bring you into your purpose.  He will place you exactly where you need to be.   Alicia joined Open Door in November and was licensed as a minister in March,  she now operates in the ministry – freely.   Say “yes ” (a complete yes)  to God and He will bring you into your purpose,  faster than you think!

Until next time,

Mo 🙂

P.S. If you have a story that you will like to be featured on Authentic Love’s Freedom Fridays…please email me at authenticlove789@gmail.com