After All This Time…I’m Still Called (Alicia’s Story)

Hello old friends, new followers and fellow bloggers-

As a writer, I search for the opportunity to share stories.  I believe that everyone has something to share with the world.  Some have a platform…some don’t.  Some have the resources…some don’t.  Some have the courage…some don’t.  I decided that as a writer, I would open my blog up and allow those who need an opportunity to share their story- be able to do so on Authentic Love.  The stories that will be shared every Friday are stories of victory and overcoming, given to you freely- to fuel the hope and the courage you may need to see your dreams come true. Today I am going to share the story of Alicia; a mother, friend, sister and fellow God-lover who discovered that one’s purpose doesn’t have an expiration date on it- God will bring His word to pass concerning one’s life when they totally surrender to Him.

Alicia is the person that everyone wants to have in their corner.  She is loyal, trustworthy, compassionate and genuinely kind but her life hasn’t been one that was easily given to her. As the eldest of 5 children, she had to mature quickly to take care of her younger siblings,  As she played the role of “momma”, Alicia saw her childhood quickly drift by and adulthood seemed to come faster than expected.  Alicia grew up going to church, her mother taught her to fear God and to respect the house of the Lord.  Even God’s house seemed stale with the older population and the coldness of the saints.  Alicia was raised by her grandmother since her mother was really young when she had her.  When she was about 12 years old, she started to live with her mom, but during all of this time- Alicia’s dad was  not present in her life.  In fact, Alicia would not come to build a relationship with her dad until she was 25 years old.  The absence of her father created some trust issues that will find themselves present in her relationship with God.

Alicia has always been special, even as a child she had a certain bond with God.  She knew she was supposed to be working in ministry but because of the condition of the church she came out of and because of fear– Alicia spent 9 years away from God ( backslidden state), she became a mother (Two children before marriage) and then a wife to her children’s father. She spent nine years of living in sin and knowing that the hand of God was on her life.  This is why I say that fear can truly mess us up- because it will cause us to sacrifice what we know to be dear.  So, Alicia got her life back on track with God but she still refused to work in ministry.  Her past was like an unmistakable blood stain on one’s blouse- something you can’t miss.  The enemy lied to her- “God didn’t call you and He doesn’t want to use you anymore.”  He would whisper in her ear “You screwed up- it’s over, you’re done!”. Like all of us who have a rough past,  Alicia began to believe what was presented to her.  Her ministry became nonexistent and the gifts that God placed inside of her lied dormant. To make matters worse, the church that Alicia was attending did not believe that women could be in ministry or that women were called to do anything.   No one believed that Alicia was called into the ministry; not her church, or her family- Alicia didn’t even believe it herself.

Almost a year ago,  Alicia decided to change her life’s direction.  She started attending a different church, she made new friends, she changed some aspects of her lifestyle and she began to really desire more of God.

Alicia didn’t understand everything but she knew that she was supposed to be doing something in God that had purpose, she wasn’t called to be a seat warmer or to sit in the back and do nothing.  Alicia was created for greatness.  

In Alicia’s new church, she was pushed to be all that God wanted for her to be (Open Door Ministries, Greenville, SC– great ministry) and she was mandated to live her life to the fullest in God.  Her pastors pushed her to increase her prayer life and to increase her time spent in the Word.  Those gifts of prophesy, healing, help, etc. that were lying dormant in her began to come alive and manifest in her life.  Alicia began to see God keep His word regarding her life after all of those years and she knew that God did not abandon her- He was still on her side.

Alicia asked me to share her story with you, so you could know that God is still on your side.  No matter how long you have been away from your purpose, there is still room for you in the Kingdom of Heaven.  God still wants to use you and He still desires that you embrace your calling and change the world.

Your calling doesn’t die because you made some mistakes, it’s just waiting for you to pick yourself up and try again.  Your calling is waiting for you!  It’s waiting for you to walk into your destiny!

When you say “yes” to God,  it doesn’t  take long for God to bring you into your purpose.  He will place you exactly where you need to be.   Alicia joined Open Door in November and was licensed as a minister in March,  she now operates in the ministry – freely.   Say “yes ” (a complete yes)  to God and He will bring you into your purpose,  faster than you think!

Until next time,

Mo 🙂

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