You’re Worth The Risk…

Hello old friends, new followers and fellow bloggers-

Sometimes we think that in order to go after something, there should be no risk involved. We tend to live in a world where everyone is trying to play it safe, where as long as we do not have to be uncomfortable– we will pursue after our ideal dream, spouse, job, etc. We don’t like to pursue after things or people that we believe have some sort of risk associated with them.  I noticed this in my life, I had a  tendency to play it safe- just in case things didn’t work out.  I relied heavily on back up plans and  exit strategies just in case my situation was uncomfortable, uneasy.  Up until this point, I wanted everything in my life to be super easy, I didn’t want to work at anything.  I barely studied and made great grades, I didn’t have to work hard to be sociable or to make friends, and guys were always interested in me requiring little to no effort at all.  If something was easy, safe and had no issues to actually talk out- I was “all in” because I hated confrontation. In fact I was terrified of having to confront individuals with how I was feeling and how I saw the world. I did not like the idea of  taking a risk by  being honest, truthful and up front with anyone. I did not want to take that risk..

I guess what is so mind-boggling about this philosophy of risk and pursuit is that God took a risk with us when He died.  He died knowing that some would still not accept Him.  He died knowing that those who would claim His name would have struggles with sin throughout their life.  He died knowing that His death could in fact be in vain, but He believed that someone needed Him to die- He believed that you were worth the risk in His plan of salvation.

 Knowing that God took just a risk with us, why don’t we take risk with others?  Why don’t we talk to the coworker that everyone hates?  Why don’t we befriend the alcoholic or the drug addict?  Why don’t we give love to the girl/guy who does not know how to love because they had never experienced true love before?  Why don’t we take the risk in pursuing after the person that is going to change our lives for the better?  Regardless of the possibility of rejection, or heartache, or things going sour- isn’t love worth the risk?

I believe that each person I come in contact with is worth the risk of getting to know.  They are worth me initiating a conversation, they are worth me calling to check up on, they are worth me visiting at the hospital or tutoring on a Friday night.  Each person I meet are worth taking the risk to get to know them, they are worth it.  I’m going to sum up this piece by bringing the subjects of love and relationships into the mix.  Sometimes we don’t talk (romantically) to certain people because they don’t fit our comfortable list of what our ideal match should be.  We miss out on some amazing learning experiences because of the risk of trying something new.  You’re worth the risk of someone pursuing you in the state of life that you are in right now, doesn’t that individual deserve the same.  You are worth the risk of falling in love with…you are worth it!

Remember: with great risk comes great reward! 

Until next time,

Mo 🙂

I’m Excited

Hello old friends, new followers, and fellow bloggers-

Today is going to be a great day! Today is my mom’s birthday, yay 🙂 ❤ ,  she is going to have a great day as well. I can feel God moving on my behalf.  Ya’ll I am so excited about what God is about to do, so excited – I can’t sleep!  It’s crazy how excitement has a way of running through our body and interrupting all of our routines (such as, I have the same feeling children get on Christmas Eve.  On Christmas Eve, children are filled with excitement and anticipation of what’s to come Christmas morning.

When I was little, my sister and I would try to sneak downstairs early in the morning, to find out where our presents were hiding.  We called ourselves being detectives as we searched every closet in every room, but we were soon disappointed at our parents gift of hiding gifts. lol.  I remember being 12 years old and sneaking down the stairs in our apartment to see what was to come in the morning.  I quietly descended the stairs and raced as quickly as I could to the tree.  Then I sat on the floor and began to shake the presents, trying to decipher if any of the gifts was what I wanted for Christmas.  I shook each gift one by one, checking to make sure that each gift had my name on it and mine alone.  After I decided I was satisfied with my sleuthing, I attempted to sleep and failed- waking up to my sister climbing on my bed, shouting in my ear : “Simone, WAKE UP!!! IT’S CHRISTMAS!!!.”  The feelings of excitement and the rush of adrenaline carried me to the tree in a whirlwind and before you knew it, wrapping paper was strewn all over our living room floor- leaving evidence that we had opened every single gift.  In that moment I  was so happy and did not want Christmas morning to end.

I have that feeling of excitement now.  I have this feeling that everything is about to work out for me, like today is going to be the best day ever.  I can feel it in my bones- things are changing for me!  I can feel my prayers being answered and I know that God is working everything out for me.  I am soooo excited 🙂 *screams out of excitement* “I’m so excited & I cannot hide it.”  Well guys, I hope you have a great day.  I wish you all the best!

Until next time,

Mo 🙂

I Got You

Hello old friends, new followers, and fellow bloggers-

I have some amazing people in my life. I did not go out into the world looking for these great individuals, they found me.   As you guys may already know, I have two best friends- a girl named “E” and a guy named “G”.  They are a God-send and my friendships with these two people have helped me grow and become a better person.  The thing I love the most about them, is that no matter what happens- I know that they have my back.  E and G supports me 100% and their support has given me the strength to dream and go after my dreams.

The funny thing about friendships is that they mirror our relationship with God.  If we trust God, we tend to trust those who we hold dear in our lives.  If we love God, we tend to love those we hold dear to a greater level.  If we communicate well with God (open and honest), we tend to communicate well with our friends and loved ones.  My best friends always say “I got you.” This is their way of letting me know that I am safe with them.  God does the same thing, He tells us that “He got us”– we are safe with Him.


 No matter what happens, God has me in the palm of His hand.  He is not going to allow anything to happen to me, that I cannot handle.  He is not going to misuse me or abuse me, I am safe with Him,  He has me! 

So today, I encourage you to believe that God has you.  Things might be rough right now, they might be bad or disappointing, but regardless of what it looks like- God has you.  He has you in the palm of His hand, He won’t let you go or fall.  He has you!  He knows everything that concerns you and if you trust Him, He’ll make everything better!  I know He will!  I love each and every one of you and I hope everything works out in your situation for your good. If you need anything; prayer, encouragement, etc, you can always contact me.  I am always available to talk.  He has you in the palm of His hand

Until next time, 

Mo 🙂 

Move Forward & Overcome

Hello old friends, new followers and fellow bloggers- 

I decided to write to you guys once again, think of it as a part II to my post from earlier today.  In this moment in time, we are going to talk about moving forward-let’s move forward together.   We have left our past behind, we are no longer looking in our rearview mirrors – so now we are taking steps to move to what’s ahead.   In fact, I dare you to get up from your seat; whether you are sitting inf front your desk at work or in front of your home computer.  I dare you to get up, turn and take a step forward in a new direction.  How did you feel?  When you took that step, did you feel a sense of empowerment?  A sense of change? 

Moving Forward

When we say goodbye to our past and we turn our lives into a new direction; we feel empowered, we feel adventurous, sometimes we even feel afraid.  Moving forward can be the best thing that we ever do, because as we began to move we gain strength to overcome adversity.  The strength to be all that we are destined to be comes from our moving forward.  The boldness to speak our minds, comes from moving forward. We have to move forward. So, I encourage you to do two things- leave your past behind and move forward.  Those two things go hand-in hand and you must complete both to walk in to the newness of life.  May you be strengthened to be all that God has designed for you to be. May you be strengthened to change the world. May you be strengthened to change the world!  Move forward to overcome. 

Until next time, 

Mo 🙂 

Stop Looking In The Rearview Mirror

Hello old friends, new followers and fellow bloggers-

Today I decided to discuss something that would help us embrace this next season in our lives, the removal of our past.  In order to discuss the past, it’s place in our lives and its importance- we are going to discuss one of my favorite activities- driving.  Do you drive?  If so, how long have you been driving? Would you describe yourself to be a good driver? Or are people afraid to ride with you in a car?  I love to drive, driving gives me a sense of freedom and adventure.  When my dad taught me how to drive, he taught me all of the parts of the car- with their names and functions as well.  My dad was a big believer in using your mirrors- side, rearview, etc.  He stressed how essential these mirrors were for keeping me safe when they were used correctly.  If I was backing out of a parking space, I would look behind me in my rearview mirror to make sure nothing was coming.  If  I needed to switch lanes, I would use my side mirrors to make sure the coast was clear before I  embarked on the adventure of “lane switching”.  My dad taught me the tools I needed to travel in the safest way possible.

What does driving have to do with the past?  That’s an excellent question.  Think of your past to be like a rearview mirror.  We sometimes look to our past before we take our lives out of park, and begin to embark on our next adventure.  Other than that, we shouldn’t spend so much time looking behind us, focusing on our past.  We should look at  the place where we are presently (side mirrors) to move forward to where we want to go. Think about it.  If we are driving and we look in our rearview mirror the whole time instead of focusing on what is in front of us, we’ll crash and hurt ourselves- worst, someone else.  We hurt ourselves and we hurt others when we live our lives in the past, when we are moving forward yet looking behind us.  Our decisions no longer only affect us but they those around us, so we have to stop looking in our rearview mirrors.


The Apostle Paul wrote: “Brothers and sisters, I do not consider myself yet to have taken hold of it. But one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.” (Phil. 3:13-14)

Paul knew that he did not have everything in his life together.  He did not come to the place where he was the perfect Christian or had perfect faith, but he was striving for perfection.  In order to reach that place of newness and perfection in Jesus Christ, you must forget your past.  You must stop living your life looking in the rearview mirror.  You have to look ahead of you and know that as you are striving forward, God is walking with you and He will help you reach your life goals.  He will help you, but first you must stop living life looking in the rearview mirror.  Stop looking in the rearview mirror.  

Until next time,

Mo 🙂

My Best Times Were Spent With You

To the one who has my heart,  

These words will probably never trend the Internet or greet you as you come home. These words will probably never be featured in a magazine or quoted on a show. 

These words may not seem as important as words I have spoken before, but the words I write tonight are the most vital words I have ever written- words I say to you.  

These words are the words I ask you to cherish, cherish like the air you breathe.

 I ask you to cherish my words deeply. 

I write to you because it is one of the only things that I do well- when I can’t speak, I write

So I write to you; I write to our past, our present and our future.

 I say this with no regret, with no doubt, with no hindranceMy best times were spent with you.

 Every memory I cherish, you was present- you was there

I don’t think I can describe the way that I feel about you- the way I value your presence in my life. 

I sit here and my heart is filled with such gratitude. Thank you for making life better. 

Thank you for filling my life with joy, so much joy– my face reflect the lines of laughter we shared.

 Every time I look at the mirror, my countenance reminds me of our time spent together- my best times were spent with you

I sit here and I thank God for you, you rejuvenated my spirit- you made me come alive!

 Thank you for being in my life!

  My best times were spent with you

I sit here and I write, my mind goes down memory lane

 My best times were spent with you

 Tears begin to stream down my face…

So, my final words are these:  Where are you?  Why aren’t you here?

My best times were always spent with you

Until next time,

Mo 🙂 

I Am His Garden

“I Am His Garden” 

(c) Simone Holloway 


I am His garden, 

God is continually working on me.

I am His masterpiece,

He spends time pulling up the weeds. 


God sits with His tools in hand, 

He waters and  He prunes.

He plants and  He pulls up, 

You’ll see my beauty soon. 


I am His garden, 

His hobby, and His love.

Under His care I blossom,

I want to be something He is proud of.


Until next time, 

Mo 🙂


Hello old friends, new followers and fellow bloggers –

I just had one of the most amazing memories.  I love the idea of memories, they are like pages to the scrapbook of our lives.  So I was listening to Aaron Shust’s song “Take Over”.  I love that song.  As I began to listen to the song, my mind went down memory lane.  I remember hearing that song probably 3 years ago and I fell in love with this simple prayer written to music.  I remember being at work, I worked at a bakery then, and this song came on.  I began to sing at the bakery.  I bet the customers thought there was something wrong with me.  My hips swayed to the music and I poured my heart into the song.  I was working with my best friend “G” that day and I bet I freaked him out with my karaoke performance of that song.  In that moment, I felt free!  I felt free from the pressures of life, from my current circumstances and from the pressures of being perfect- in that moment I released my cares to God and asked Him to take over me.  So today, I pray the same prayer- that God will continually take over me.  I pray that His Spirit will breathe, move and speak through me, that I will be a vehicle of life for someone else.  Lord, take over me!

Until next time,

Mo 🙂

Waking Up To Something Different!

Hello old friends, new followers and fellow bloggers-

It’s around 2 am and I am a night owl.  My mind is not ready for sleep yet, so I am sitting here at my computer filled with energy to write.  The craziness of my situation is that, who is actually up ready to read a blog post at 2 am?  Really, who?  All in all- I am sitting in the living room trying to explain the best way possible this feeling that is in the pit of my tummy (yes, I still use the word tummy- no I am not 5 years old .lol.).It’s a feeling of excitement, anticipation, hope- all the feelings that we preach about but rarely have the privilege of experiencing in its entirety because of the cares of life.  Life has a way of stealing our hope.  It has a way of making us hard and bitter, to the  point where we stop expecting good things, we stop believing for the best.  I’m in this crazy position in life, it’s called a position of faith.  This position I am in, causes me to believe God for anything.  Seriously, anything!  I will hope for anything, hope is the only way that I look at the current circumstances of my life, and see positivity/ light.

something different
Life is about to get a whole lot different!

I believe that any day can be a great day.  I believe that every evening  I go to sleep, I am one step closer to waking up to something different- to seeing my life change!

Friends, I have to hope in the idea that my life is perpetually changing for the better.  I have to hope in the idea that life will not always be this way.  I have to hope in the idea that I will see my dreams come true. I have to hope in the idea that God’s plans for my life will come to pass and that He knows more than me.

 Hope is my lifeline, it’s the oxygen that keeps me breathing.  If I stop hoping, if I stop believing in God and His word, my life will cease to exist- it will all be over. I have to hope that tomorrow I will be waking up to something different!

Until next time,

Mo 🙂

Think Of The Worst Thing You’ve Ever Done…

Hello old friends, new followers and fellow bloggers-

Today has been a great day, filled with adoration and thanksgiving for Abba.  I was in prayer yesterday at my church when my heart began to be filled with love for God.  I began to think about some of the bad things I’ve done in my life and how God’s love never changed during those times.  He never stopped loving me.  You know, some of those awful things I did in my past were not mistakes or accidents, I purposefully did things to hurt other people and even myself.  The fact that God was there in every moment, knowing the true intention of my heart, and still loved me- humbles me.  His love makes me fall to my knees, fills my eyes with tears and beckons me to worship.  I don’t know someone else whose love would not change with circumstance.  Even after witnessing the worst thing I have ever done, God still loves me!

Now it’s your turn, think of the worst thing you have ever done.  You don’t have to share it with anyone until you are ready.  As you are thinking about this past event, picture God standing there watching you.  This part can be tough because sometimes it brings guilt and shame, which is not the point.  God stood there in that moment with you and He still loved you.  Can you imagine the Creator standing there watching you in sin and still loving you? Can you?  I can!  He still loved you then and He still loves you now- in fact He never stopped loving you.

Love endures forever
Age to age, You are the same, Who You are is Everlasting


I was so humbled that I began to write a song to describe how I was feeling.  The lyrics are these:

After everything I’ve ever done/ After every word ever said/ Losing battles I should have won/ Letting thoughts destroy my head// You never stopped loving me/ You never stopped loving me/ Your love has set me free/ You never stopped loving me// When I gave up on myself/ Thought I could never get help/ Thought I was a lost cause/ You reminded me of the cross// You never stopped loving me/ You never stopped loving me/ Your love has set me free/ You never stopped loving me//(c) Simone Holloway 

Wherever you are; whether at home or at work- allow these words to usher you in to a place of worship with the Lover of your soul, the one who has and never will stop loving you. 

Until next time,

Mo 🙂