There’s No Need…

For so long I lived my life based upon the need for approval from others. Now, there’s no need…

Whether You Come or Not

Today is the day I move forward in life, whether those around me move or not! Today is my day and it can also be yours 🙂

A Ray of Sunshine

We don’t really appreciate the sunshine until we are bombarded with rain. We have to appreciate the positive moments in our lives and rest in the goodness that God has given us.

Free From Other’s Opinions

Let us learn to live our lives pleasing God and not caring about what others think! We have to do what is best for our lives and live the way God wants us to live. He has not called us to be a carbon copy of everyone else but to live uniquely within Him

Life- Changing Love

Happy 1 year anniversary to this blog. Post explains why I started blogging and the results of this journey, searching for what we call love.

Speak Up!

Hello old friend, new followers and fellow bloggers- Today I witnessed the power of words on the human heart.  Words are filled with special powers; the power to heal and to kill, the power to build and to destroy, the power to bring things to life and to cause things to die, the power to…