Free From Other’s Opinions

Hello old friends, new followers and fellow bloggers-

Today is Independence Day!!! Yay 🙂 Today is the day that America celebrates being free from Great Britain, and becoming its own nation.  I love the concept of freedom.  In fact my faith in Jesus, celebrates freedom.  John 8:36  says “If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.” (KJV) I love this verse and I believe that people can be free from anything; addictions, old habits, old mindsets, and finally the opinions of others.  Some of us aren’t bound to substances or bad patterns such as mutilation and etc, but rather we are bound by the opinions of others concerning our lives. So, today we are going to talk about the importance of being free from the opinions of others.

Have you ever changed your mind concerning something based on an opinion? Not a fact, an opinion?  An opinion is defined as a “belief, judgment, or way of thinking about something : what someone thinks about a particular thing”, this is not necessarily based on any facts. How many times have we changed our clothes, hairstyles, and pop culture choices because someone did not like what we were into? How many times have we changed our short-term goals because someone thought what we aspired to do was too “risky” or because it “didn’t make sense”?  I believe that this holiday can be the fuel to the fire of us as individuals, coming to the place where we make decisions for our lives that are not based upon what other people think, feel, or believe.

Now, I’m not trying to knock down other people’s beliefs but I believe that what may be the solution for one person my not work for another person.  This is why I believe God allowed men to write 66 books of the Bible, there is a book/ verse for everyone.  The scripture that captures my heart and brings me hope, may not be the scripture that does the same for you- but both verses accomplish the goal of building hope.  We all live different lives, so instead of being bound to one’s opinion of how my life should play out and who I should be- why don’t I just live my life to please God and let Him worry about the rest.  Some of us have not accomplished our divine assignments and dreams because  of the opinions of others.  We have missed opportunities because we cared too much about what others thought.  One thing my mom taught me is that each and everyone of us is going to have to give an account for how we lived our lives.  We can’t go before God and said, I didn’t change the world because “Sally” didn’t like my approach to world-changing. We can’t say – I didn’t show others how to love because “Bill” hated the way I approached everyone with a hug.

Who cares what they think?         Really…who cares?  

Let us stop giving so much power to people!  Let us live our lives pleasing God and allow Him to love through us.  At the end of the day, the people we allow to run our lives do not matter- it’s all about Him and how He is exalted in our lives.  Let us be free from the opinions of others!  

Until next time,

Mo 🙂

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