A Ray of Sunshine

Hello old friends, new followers, and fellow bloggers-

Today has been a great day filled with crazy adventures at the wig store (What? yep.lol.), conversations  filled with laughter, and an amazing peace that has enveloped me since 3am prayer.  It was in today that I saw God move so quickly in my life, filling my day with a huge ray of sunshine!  So I guess, today/tonight we are going to talk about the power of maintaining a positive attitude- in rays of sunshine.  

You know friends, we don’t understand how amazing the sun is until we live through days filled with rain.  I live in probably the rainiest city in the South, Greenville-South Carolina (yes the home of Delvin Choice from The Voice lol.) In Greenville, it rains (monsoons) for at least four days a week and then the rest of the week is filled with  beautiful rays of sunshine.  When it’s raining, I begin to complain and wish that I could see the sky be filled with beautiful colors of yellow and orange.  As soon as the sky clears and those magnificent colors break through the clouds, it is as if Greenville was never “flooded” with rain a few hours before; it is as if all things were made new.  I think the sad part comes when I experience the beauty of sunshine but don’t appreciate it, this thing I hoped for so long, is the very thing I complain about.

The problem that arises with us in our lives is that sometimes life is so hard and filled with negative thoughts and actions for so long.  We hope and pray that life will get better that our lives will be filled with positive thoughts and actions; with rays of sunshine.  As soon as life becomes great, we complain about the good that is occurring within us and miss the opportunity to rest in our positive environment.  God sends us “rays of sunshine” everyday but sometimes we miss seeing the good in these people, opportunities or circumstances because we are too busy complaining.  I’m reminded of the children of Israel that were delivered out of Egypt – God brought them into the wilderness to show them Himself and to teach them character.  They were free (ray of sunshine ), being that they were bound for over 400 years (rainy days) – yet they did not rest in their freedom but instead complained.  This made their 3 day journey to the promise land a total of 40 years.  

We have to maintain a positive attitude and remember that each time God shines a little sunshine in our lives, it is an opportunity for us to show our gratitude and to bring positivity to others. Be a ray of sunshine! Don’t allow  your complaints to  turn your life into a continual rainy day.  Recognize the good that you are experiencing and rest in God’s goodness towards you. Just rest in His eternal light!

Until next time,

Mo 🙂


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