An Amazing Feeling

Hello old friends, new followers and fellow bloggers-

Today has been a day marked with anticipation and wonder, a day filled with excitement and beauty.  Last night I was really down in the dumps, I mean really down- EXTREMELY down. I was so down that I felt weak, vulnerable, fragile.  I’m so happy that I serve a God that loves me in my weakness and who still carries me in my brokenness.  When I realized that His strength was made perfect in my weakness, tears filled my eyes and my heart was overwhelmed with this AMAZING 🙂 🙂 feeling,  It was like something I could not describe, a peace like no other and a happiness that could not be shaken by my present circumstances.  God has my back; He knows  exactly how I’m feeling and He knows how to love me even in this place of vulnerability.

For so long, I depended on people- people’s words, actions, encouragement, validation, praise but as I grow in my love  relationship with God, I realize that people don’t matter and their influence means nothing.  All that matters is God and HIs influence on me.  I know that He loves me and that His love makes me complete and whole.  He makes everything better!  After I wrote you all last night, it was like a burden was lifted off of my shoulder because for one the first times in my life, I was completely honest about how I felt- and it was this truth that made me free.  I feel good, I look good and I know that I am in the best place I could possibly be in life- in a weak place so that in my weakness- He can be STRONG!

Until next time, 


P.S. His love fills me up like an ooey-gooey chocolate chip cookie ❤ ❤

Careful, I’m Fragile

Have you ever been dropped?  Dropped by your friends, co-workers, peers, etc?  Have you ever had your heart smashed on the ground more times than you can count on your hand?  And you try to mend this brokenness that you’re feeling with Elmer’s glue and a little duct tape?  Have you ever wished that you lived a different life in a different time? Or perhaps you wished that those around you would be able to notice your brokenness, but their oblivious response to the breaking of your heart let’s you know that you’re in this battle by yourself.  Have  you ever needed a word of encouragement and those around you were silent?  How about feeling so alone that even your attempts to talk to God leave you slightly depressed?  Have you ever been in a place in life where it looks like you are on the outside, looking in?  Or how about a place where life is moving ahead of you, but you feel like you’re standing still?  Have you ever wanted to receive the love that you give out?  So badly so, that you’ll settle for volatile relationships to compensate marginally for what you give? And even in this “settlement” so to speak, you still feel unsatisfied and empty?  Have you ever realized that those who said that they would always be there for you, can’t be found? Or that those who said they loved you, didn’t really know what love was or how to love you?  Or, how about this one, have you ever felt like if the wind blew hard enough, you would just vanish into thin air? You would crumble under the pressure? You would shatter into a billion pieces, like glass hitting the pavement? Well, have you?

Shattered glass

This is where I am right now.  I’m trying so hard to not break under the pressure.  I’m trying so hard to not allow my heart to shatter once again, because honestly, I don’t think I can handle another heartbreak.  I don’t think I can recover from being broken once again. I don’t think that this time, I can bounce back from negative words and actions.  I don’t think that I can live in a place of inconsistency and broken promises.  I don’t think that this time, I’m going to be okay when everything falls apart.  Careful you guys, I’m fragile and one false move can break my heart into a billion tiny pieces.  Who’s going to be around to clean up that mess? And if I was a gambling girl, I would bet that it wouldn’t be you.


7 days

Hello old friends, new followers and fellow bloggers- 

Just wanted to let ya’ll know that I will not be blogging for 7 days.  I am spending some time unplugged from my computer and phone, instead I am going to be spending some time connecting to God spiritually.  I could use your prayers and words of encouragement.  Feel free to message me, comment or even tweet me your words of encouragement at @framesofdust8 on Twitter.  Thanks and I love you all!

Until next time, 


P.S. I’ll miss you! 

I Want To Be Loved Like This

Hello old friends, new followers and fellow bloggers,

WELCOME!  It’s been some time since we have spoken… and honestly searching for employment is no joke.  Looking for a job is just as hard as working a job ;D This adulthood thing is no joke…Anyways today we are going to discuss: How we want to be loved?  Being that this blog is about love and relationships, from a godly perspective- we should talk about how we desire to be loved.  I am going to give you my top five ways I want to be loved.  Ready?  Let’s go!

#5) I want to be loved- Passionately

Whatever we are passionate about, we seek after- we pursue.  I want to be loved so passionately that whoever has my heart never gets tired of pursuing me/ chasing after me.  Today, as I scour the dating world, the one thing I find is that some men after women commit to them, lose their passion and stop  their pursuit of her.  Can you imagine wooing and courting a women for 3 years and then she finally gives you all of herself and then you stop trying? This is a tragic mistake that I see in the dating world today.  When a man wins my heart one day, he has to win my heart again the next.  The pursuit never ends, the courtship never ends, the spontaneous romantic gestures never end but instead mean something deeper every single time.  God constantly pursues after us…He loves us passionately.  Christ doesn’t stop telling us that He loves us after the first time.  No, instead He continues to pursue after us to constantly remind us of his love.  Sometimes, I just need a reminder!  That is the beauty of passion and pursuit, it reminds you daily that you are loved.

#4) I want to be loved- Deeply 

Have you ever swam in a shallow pool? When we were like 10 years old and did not know how to swim, we stayed near the shallow end because we wanted to stay safe- our parents did not want us to drown.  I didn’t learn how to swim until I was 14 years old and I was too tall for the shallow end but I was scared to death of the water.  I did not want to drown and I knew I had to start in the shallow end in order to eventually get to the deep end.  My goal was to get to the deep end of the pool.  The only thing keeping me from the deep end was fear, the deep end was not the safe end and it wasn’t anything I have ever experienced before.  Once I got over my fear, I went for the deep end of the pool and discovered that what was available to me (even though not safe) was better than what I experienced before.  It’s the same way with love- I don’t want to be loved superficially, only on the surface.  I want to be loved deeply, deeper than anything I have ever experienced before.  I want to know that someone knows me deeply and loves me the same way because deep love isn’t safe but it is totally worth it.  Christ loves us deeply, He takes risks with us and He is so intimate with us that we can’t in relationship with Him, stay on the surface but we have to go to the deep end.

# 3) I want to be loved – Honestly 

Honesty is essential to building a relationship, and I want to be loved by someone who tells me the truth.  I want someone to think that I am decent enough to have the truth told to me.  Sometimes the truth is not going to be something that we want to hear, or something that we like – but the truth does not change based on our feelings and opinions, it’s still truth.  God does not lie to us. He does not build up our hopes to crush us with disappointment.  He doesn’t waste time telling us things that we want to hear, He tells us the truth.  When you love someone, you care about their best interest so much that you could not imagine lying to them.  Your love for that person needs to be so real that you cannot imagine hurting that person by lying to them.

#2) I want to be loved- Securely 

I want to be loved so much that I feel secure and safe with the one who holds my heart.  Love brings safety.  When you are truly in love, you feel so secure with that person.  You know that at the end of the day- that person has your back and will do anything in their power to keep you safe.  You protect the things you love- you keep what you love safe.  God loves us so much that He carries us in His hand and He protects us by His Spirit.  He strives to keep us safe.  That is how I want to be loved – so much so that I know that in the presence of my love, I am safe!  I want a love that keeps me safe.

#1) I want to be loved – Selflessly

This is probably the most important way I want to be loved.  I want to be loved selflessly.  I want to be loved by someone who is not trying to use me to please themselves.  I want a love with no strings attached, a love that is not selfish and unsure.  I want someone who will love me by thinking of my needs before their own, someone who desires to see my dreams and ambitions come true, someone who truly loves me.   Jesus loved us selflessly, so much so, that He gave His life for the remission of our sins.  He gave up something really important to Him, so that we could have a better life- amazing, huh?  Through Him, we too can love and be loved in this way.  I want to be loved in this manner… I want to be loved like this.

I shared my top 5 ways I would like to be loved, now if you have time – share with me your own?  What does your list consist of?  what are your deal-breakers? Remember one cannot experience love until they meet the creator of love, Jesus Christ.  He is love and because He is love- He can help us love others in the best way possible.  Share with me how you would like to be loved and remember to love one another.  Appreciate those who love you and remember to say I love you as often as you can- We don’t know when our time is up..

Until next time,

Mo 🙂 

P.S. Love remembers no wrongs…

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A Change of Plans

Hello old friends, new followers and fellow bloggers!

So….there has been a lot of changes going on in my life.  I decided to take a year off before going to graduate school, I’m looking for a job, and I am reconciling with old friends and new enemies.  I am becoming an adult.  Crazy, huh? At the end of the day, life is quickly producing different twist and turns in the plot line called life and I am quickly realizing that change is inevitable and therefore should be embraced.  

Change is good….at least this is what i tell myself everything morning to keep my sanity and to be content in the world.  Change is good. The funniest thing about this ordeal is that I am a creature of habit.  I love routines!!!!!!!  I ❤ ROUTINES! So much so that  I will alter all future plans to fit my routines of the present. Looking back on  this philosophy I realized that I was being silly in thought  and action. You can not base the future on the present, that idea doesn’t even make sense; but this was the idea that I  used to make so many decisions.  The problem with this philosophy is that it eliminates the possibility for change.  Change is not possible because if change occurs it ruins my future plans and then I become a failure of a child that will be talked about for generations to come….*breathe Simone, breathe *  See what I mean?

The fact of the manner is, God loves change.  He loves to change our plans to line up to His perfect/divine plan.  He is super spontaneous and loves to make our lives into one big adventure, based on a mutual trust between us and Him.  Proverbs 3:5-6 says to “Trust in the world with all of your heart and lean not unto your own understanding.  In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your path.” When we trust God with our lives, plans will change & that’s a good thing.  We will find that when we go with the flow concerning God’s will, we will lead a life that is full of joy and adventure- things that are more meaningful than mundane routines.  

Embrace His change of plans!

Until next time,