A Change of Plans


Hello old friends, new followers and fellow bloggers!

So….there has been a lot of changes going on in my life.  I decided to take a year off before going to graduate school, I’m looking for a job, and I am reconciling with old friends and new enemies.  I am becoming an adult.  Crazy, huh? At the end of the day, life is quickly producing different twist and turns in the plot line called life and I am quickly realizing that change is inevitable and therefore should be embraced.  

Change is good….at least this is what i tell myself everything morning to keep my sanity and to be content in the world.  Change is good. The funniest thing about this ordeal is that I am a creature of habit.  I love routines!!!!!!!  I ❤ ROUTINES! So much so that  I will alter all future plans to fit my routines of the present. Looking back on  this philosophy I realized that I was being silly in thought  and action. You can not base the future on the present, that idea doesn’t even make sense; but this was the idea that I  used to make so many decisions.  The problem with this philosophy is that it eliminates the possibility for change.  Change is not possible because if change occurs it ruins my future plans and then I become a failure of a child that will be talked about for generations to come….*breathe Simone, breathe *  See what I mean?

The fact of the manner is, God loves change.  He loves to change our plans to line up to His perfect/divine plan.  He is super spontaneous and loves to make our lives into one big adventure, based on a mutual trust between us and Him.  Proverbs 3:5-6 says to “Trust in the world with all of your heart and lean not unto your own understanding.  In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your path.” When we trust God with our lives, plans will change & that’s a good thing.  We will find that when we go with the flow concerning God’s will, we will lead a life that is full of joy and adventure- things that are more meaningful than mundane routines.  

Embrace His change of plans!

Until next time, 



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