Leave it in 2015

Eight minutes left. Eight minutes left until you get another chance at a brand new start. Eight single minutes.

Friends, social media fam and those who have yet gotten the chance to know me, my last thoughts of 2015 are as such- “If it is not good for your spirit,and good for your soul; leave it in 2015” this piece of wisdom does not only include people but also addictions and habits and things that we latch on to in our loneliness- leave it in 2015.

Leave hopelessness, awful soul ties; leave despair and depression; leave alcoholism and empty one night stands in 2015. Leave it all behind in this year and in the next four minutes embrace your new clean slate- given by a clean loving God. Embrace this chance to be new.

Three more minutes…
Rest in the newness that is the Lord. Walk into the goodness of him this year.  Embrace him.

Two more minutes…

As you transition into the opportunity for better, not our better because it does nothing to measure up to the better given by God. Step into his better and receive real life. A life that’s fulfilling …

One more minute….

Happy New Year! Welcome to the best season of your life!!!


Simone Holloway, 2015


Hello old friends, new followers and fellow bloggers-

Just found out that my emojis are working on my phone- yay!!!! 😆😊😀😄
I just switched from my apple phone to an android and was starting to feel some type of way because I couldn’t find my emojis setting….BUT they’re  here and they’re working💃💃💃👏👏👐#wonthedoit

Anyways, I’ve missed yall and I wish we could have spoken sooner- I’ve just been super busy. Ridiculously so!  Just wanted  to pop in a say HELLO!!!!!

I hope everyone had a great day and you guys will hear from me soon.
Love you all xoxoxo.

Until next time,
Mo ☺

Simone Holloway, 2015

Keep Going…

Hello old friends, new followers and fellow bloggers- 

It’s a rainy day here in SC and the mood has lowered as trouble and confusion place a damper on my fellow employees’ heart. Life has this way of testing our faith- it has a way of truly seeing what we are capable of.  

You know what friends, I feel the attack of the enemy in the air but friends I encourage you to keep going… Keep hanging on in there. Keep going , things are coming to make you quit- to make you get frustrated and leave your place, but keep going. 

Lovelies, the race is not given to the swift or to the strong but to he that endures until the end…. Endure into the end! 

Until next time, 

Mo 🙂 

Solo Dinner Date 

Hello old friends, new followers and fellow bloggers-

Happy Sunday! Today has been a true trial for me and as a way to treat myself, I’m enjoying a solo after church dinner date at Applebees. Sometimes you have to get away and treat yourself. I think that people have this stigma about doing things alone, this ultimate fear about being in the company of one’s self. Sometimes you need to get all dolled up and take yourself on a dinner date.

There’s nothing wrong with attending dinner alone or going to the movies alone – nothing is wrong with that. 

It’s not until one get comfortable with being with oneself that they will be comfortable enough to maintain a healthy relationship- because darlings a man or a woman do not complete you, you need to be complete before that soulmate person for you comes. 

The longer you stay in the house waiting for someone to ask you out the longer you’re going to be miserable. Take yourself out! Be your own date! And love yourself first and I promise baby, then you’re going to meet someone who will love you. 

Peace out good people✌🏾️

Until next time, 

Mo 😉 

I Spy

A classic but one of my absolute favorites…my writing has grown over the years 🙂

Authentic Love: God, Relationships, and Life

I Spy

I sit and wait for you.

I sit and I wait…

Time stands still-

Hours, minutes and seconds…slow to nothingness…

Nothing at all.

You see me,

I see you.

It’s our little game of “I spy”.

I spy with my little eye,

Who could be the love of my life?

Vibrant and Bright,

Bright and Kind.

I sit and I wait for you.

I sit and I wait…

You approach and  

I stay where I am..

In a place of hope,

A little less than a stride.

I sit in love and…I wait. 

I look at you, 

You look at me.

It’s our little game of “I spy”.

I spy with my little eye,

One who is vibrant, one who is kind.

I spy…

The love of my life.

– ❤ Mo

“Copyright, Sept.5. 2014, Mo”

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I found this on my handy -dandy tumblr dashboard and thought this was simply beautiful. Take a minute to breathe, relax and allow your soul to delve in to the words which are here. Don’t forget to tell me what you think in the comments below!
Peace and Blessings,
Mo 🙂

Esther Gyimah's Poetry

Love-Swans-Wallpaper Source: http://hdwallpaperia.com/love-swans-wallpaper.html

I’d like to whisper to you how much I want you

Right on your earlobe

So you feel every word.

I’ll hold you for moments in silence

Just to hear your heart beat

Because I mean to love you

And my heart is sure.

For you must know

That my heart beats for you

You must know

That you are all my heart wants.

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A Good Friday Prayer Vigil

This is tonight! If you are not doing anything – please join ❤ Mo

Authentic Love: God, Relationships, and Life

As we remember the death of our Lord Jesus Christ, I felt led by the Holy Spirit to take an hour that evening to pray for our brothers and sisters in the faith who are being persecuted. All around the world, men and women are being asked to deny their belief in exchange for their lives. Let’s come together as a body of believers and pray for these individuals and their families.

April 3, 2015 from 7- 8 PM EST

In order to join this prayer vigil, call 1-712-775-7031. The ID # 514134476.

Join me as our voices are raised to heaven on the behalf of those dear to us.

“The prayers of the righteous availeth much …” James 5:16

Until next time,

Mo 🙂

Featured Image Credit: http://free13k.com/server13/photos/XrHhuDpHKnKuPM~/167360_Sikh-women-prayer-vigil-Religious-Society-temple_2100x1398.jpg

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We’re Still Slaves

Something to keep in mind!

Authentic Love: God, Relationships, and Life

Hello old friends, new followers and fellow bloggers-

Think slavery is in the past? Think not!  Slavery is still among us…within our communities, on our streets, living and breathing our existence. Ladies and gentlemen, we’re still slaves.  You might be thinking, you’re crazy- slavery has been abolished.  No man can own another. Yes, that’s true but this slavery that I speak of is not one achieved through force but rather one we voluntarily accept- the slavery of sin. Yep, I said it- we are slaves to sin.  Some of us that “know” God are still bound to the ways of sin and we have accepted our bondage as one that is inevitable, something to get used to- our “struggle”.

The crazy thing about bondage is that, when you’re bound for so long- you don’t know how to approach a lifestyle of freedom.  There is a story of an elephant that…

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Healing Hurts

My friend Al wrote this piece and I think you all would thoroughly enjoy it. Support her and follow her blog, I promise you won’t regret it! xoxoxo Mo

Choosing Celebration

Have you ever walked through a difficult season with the Lord, and finally feel as if you’ve reached the end, only to once again find yourself back in a place of hurting and brokenness? That’s essentially where I’ve been in the past few weeks. It has been a year since I struggled with panic attacks, and once again I have found myself in many moments of anxiety and fear. The Lord has brought me so far out of that brokenness, and I fully believe that I will never return to that dark place again. So, I have been spending a lot of time wrestling with why God hasn’t fully taken away all the fear, and why I just can’t seem to shake it off. And then, in a moment of anger at God for not fully leading me into healing…He told me something. “Healing hurts. It is nasty and hard…

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Some Announcements

Hey y’all!

Here are a few announcements concerning the next two weeks on the blog.  I am enrolled in a WordPress 2.0 Poetry course so starting tomorrow I will be posting poetry pieces, learning and growing in my craft.  Besides posting those assignments, I will post whatever the Lord gives me for that day- so look forward to getting two posts a day for the next 14 days.  I hope you all had a great Valentine’s Day weekend and we’ll talk soon.

Until next time,

Mo 🙂