Fall Cleaning


Hello old friends, new followers and fellow bloggers-

How are you guys doing?  I know I didn’t speak to you all yesterday, but I have great reason why. Curious? Well, I was doing some fall cleaning…. What is fall cleaning? you may ask.  Well, fall cleaning is the spring cleaning you was supposed to do but instead you waited until the fall. Yep, instead of doing some heavy cleaning in the spring like everyone else, I was too lazy and decided to clean yesterday.  I didn’t realize how dirty my living space was until I emptied the room and looked around.  There was dust and grime looking stuff and just plain nasty.  So, I spent almost 12 hours cleaning, rearranging, throwing things away, washing and folding clothes and basically changing my living space to reflect the change in my life.

I learned a few things during this day of cleaning my bedroom.  I learned that a bedroom symbolizes one’s heart; like our bedrooms, our hearts can be dirty and cluttered with unnecessary things.  My bedroom had things from 2005 that I was never going to use again- like, really? I had mementos from people I haven’t spoken to in 10 years, from friends that were never really friends in the first place.  It’s crazy, how we hold places in our hearts for things and people that aren’t important, that haven’t done us any good.  I washed my base boards and I removed the grime and dust.  I threw away bags of trash, boxes, old things and and I moved my bed so that I could have more space.  I decorated to reflect the newness of my life and I slept with a smile on my face because my cleaning project was done.  I sort of did that with my heart yesterday as well.  I forgave people, I threw out memories of the past, I cleaned the intentions of my heart by staying in prayer and the word, and I rearranged things and people that were made priorities.  This was probably the most learning experience I had all week, and I can tell you that the effort paid off in the end.

So today, I encourage you to clean.  I encourage you to clean the depths of your heart and to remove anything that is not pleasing to God. I encourage you to throw away pieces of the past.  I encourage you to rearrange what’s inside to reflect the change you are walking in.  Who needs spring cleaning?  I know its fall but your heart and your space needs a little TLC too.  Happy Cleaning!

Until next time,

Mo 🙂

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  1. Michelle Patrice Coe says:

    Absolutely love this Simone! We all need to be reminded that we must perform continual evaluation of our lives so that when the filth of life experiences begins to cling on to us we are quick to allow FATHER to clean us up so that we walk pure before HIM!


    1. Mo says:

      Thanks Patrice! I absolutely agree 🙂


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