Make It Make Sense.

“Where do the by-laws of our religion condone the injustices of people? Where do its teachings condone the lack of empathy? Where is that written in our code of conduct aka the Bible? In the text, when are those callous sentiments expressed by our leader? The Son of God himself, Jesus the Christ? Where????”

Like Abraham….

Some of us have to get away from our family to get into the place God has designed for us….

Free From Other’s Opinions

Let us learn to live our lives pleasing God and not caring about what others think! We have to do what is best for our lives and live the way God wants us to live. He has not called us to be a carbon copy of everyone else but to live uniquely within Him

Feel Free

Hello old friends, new followers and fellow bloggers- , Feel free to comment on posts, share ideas and engage with me on Authentic Love: God, Relationships and Life.  I love hearing you guys feedback and I appreciate hearing of you guys’ life experiences and lessons learned.  If you would like for me to write about a…