Make It Make Sense.

Hello old friends, new followers, and fellow bloggers-

It has been a rough twenty-four hours. I am not even going to lie to you, today was hard. It was hard to wake up this morning chipper and ready to tackle the day. As you all may know, our country failed us again with the verdict rendered for the murder of Breonna Taylor at the hands of law enforcement. Today was a tough day… really tough . Breonna and I were the same age. She was born in June, and I was born in January of 1993. I was six months older than her.

Six months.

The dismissal of what happened to Breonna reiterated the hell-bent lie that the lives of black women are worthless. I think the worse part about this whole ordeal (if there could be one) is that so many “believers” voiced their approval of such a decision. I mean bible toting, tongue -talking, “honk-if -you -love Jesus” goofy folk ($5 bucks to the one who gets the film reference…jk.)

Make it make sense.

Where do the by-laws of our religion condone the injustices of people? Where do its teachings condone the lack of empathy? Where is that written in our code of conduct aka the Bible? In the text, when are those callous sentiments expressed by our leader? The Son of God himself, Jesus the Christ? Where????

I must have missed those meetings. I must have skipped over those passages of scripture because nowhere in this life journey with Him have I found that type of behavior to be okay. Nowhere. So, I need someone to make that behavior, ideology, and stance make sense. Better yet, prove to me the validity of this argument by showing me Christ’s life. Show me in scripture where Christ was not concerned with social justice. Show me where He dismissed people and lacked empathy. Show me in scripture where he disregarded the poor, the marginalized, the minority.

Is not the beauty of the gospel the fact that it was created for all? All people. All places. All history redeemed at the foot of the cross.

Those who use the name of God to further evil motives, thoughts, and ideologies are sickening and cowardly. If you are a racist, have the boldness to stand in your truth. Racism is a flawed demonic truth to embrace, but so be it. Stand in the poor decisions you make for your life but do not bring God into it. Scapegoating through the use of religion must be one of my biggest pet peeves. The only thing I cannot stand more than a liar, is a coward.

I think that Jesus is tired of hearing his name out here in these streets for trashy reasons. He is tired of people trying to align him to the “American” agenda that drips of colonization and whiteness. I believe that He is tired of being aligned to capitalistic movements where we celebrate the oppressor and disregard the oppressed. He is tired of those who seek to keep him confined within the four walls of ineffective churches. He is tired.

Frankly, I cannot say I blame him. If I was misrepresented, and my name used to further oppression and hate, I would be frustrated too.

Consider this article as a clear stance of where I stand with the false doctrine of American Christianity. I absolutely hate it. I detest the fake news about Jesus’ character and His will. I loathe it, and it is my life’s purpose to eradicate its influence in our world. In my perfect world, we see God rightly, and we treat everyone justly with love and compassion.

Friends, I think my “perfect” world was the one God envisioned too.




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