You’re Worth The Risk…

Hello old friends, new followers and fellow bloggers-

Sometimes we think that in order to go after something, there should be no risk involved. We tend to live in a world where everyone is trying to play it safe, where as long as we do not have to be uncomfortable– we will pursue after our ideal dream, spouse, job, etc. We don’t like to pursue after things or people that we believe have some sort of risk associated with them.  I noticed this in my life, I had a  tendency to play it safe- just in case things didn’t work out.  I relied heavily on back up plans and  exit strategies just in case my situation was uncomfortable, uneasy.  Up until this point, I wanted everything in my life to be super easy, I didn’t want to work at anything.  I barely studied and made great grades, I didn’t have to work hard to be sociable or to make friends, and guys were always interested in me requiring little to no effort at all.  If something was easy, safe and had no issues to actually talk out- I was “all in” because I hated confrontation. In fact I was terrified of having to confront individuals with how I was feeling and how I saw the world. I did not like the idea of  taking a risk by  being honest, truthful and up front with anyone. I did not want to take that risk..

I guess what is so mind-boggling about this philosophy of risk and pursuit is that God took a risk with us when He died.  He died knowing that some would still not accept Him.  He died knowing that those who would claim His name would have struggles with sin throughout their life.  He died knowing that His death could in fact be in vain, but He believed that someone needed Him to die- He believed that you were worth the risk in His plan of salvation.

 Knowing that God took just a risk with us, why don’t we take risk with others?  Why don’t we talk to the coworker that everyone hates?  Why don’t we befriend the alcoholic or the drug addict?  Why don’t we give love to the girl/guy who does not know how to love because they had never experienced true love before?  Why don’t we take the risk in pursuing after the person that is going to change our lives for the better?  Regardless of the possibility of rejection, or heartache, or things going sour- isn’t love worth the risk?

I believe that each person I come in contact with is worth the risk of getting to know.  They are worth me initiating a conversation, they are worth me calling to check up on, they are worth me visiting at the hospital or tutoring on a Friday night.  Each person I meet are worth taking the risk to get to know them, they are worth it.  I’m going to sum up this piece by bringing the subjects of love and relationships into the mix.  Sometimes we don’t talk (romantically) to certain people because they don’t fit our comfortable list of what our ideal match should be.  We miss out on some amazing learning experiences because of the risk of trying something new.  You’re worth the risk of someone pursuing you in the state of life that you are in right now, doesn’t that individual deserve the same.  You are worth the risk of falling in love with…you are worth it!

Remember: with great risk comes great reward! 

Until next time,

Mo 🙂

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