Waking Up To Something Different!

Hello old friends, new followers and fellow bloggers-

It’s around 2 am and I am a night owl.  My mind is not ready for sleep yet, so I am sitting here at my computer filled with energy to write.  The craziness of my situation is that, who is actually up ready to read a blog post at 2 am?  Really, who?  All in all- I am sitting in the living room trying to explain the best way possible this feeling that is in the pit of my tummy (yes, I still use the word tummy- no I am not 5 years old .lol.).It’s a feeling of excitement, anticipation, hope- all the feelings that we preach about but rarely have the privilege of experiencing in its entirety because of the cares of life.  Life has a way of stealing our hope.  It has a way of making us hard and bitter, to the  point where we stop expecting good things, we stop believing for the best.  I’m in this crazy position in life, it’s called a position of faith.  This position I am in, causes me to believe God for anything.  Seriously, anything!  I will hope for anything, hope is the only way that I look at the current circumstances of my life, and see positivity/ light.

something different
Life is about to get a whole lot different!

I believe that any day can be a great day.  I believe that every evening  I go to sleep, I am one step closer to waking up to something different- to seeing my life change!

Friends, I have to hope in the idea that my life is perpetually changing for the better.  I have to hope in the idea that life will not always be this way.  I have to hope in the idea that I will see my dreams come true. I have to hope in the idea that God’s plans for my life will come to pass and that He knows more than me.

 Hope is my lifeline, it’s the oxygen that keeps me breathing.  If I stop hoping, if I stop believing in God and His word, my life will cease to exist- it will all be over. I have to hope that tomorrow I will be waking up to something different!

Until next time,

Mo 🙂


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