With Just A Few Strokes

I looked at my fingers, and I beheld their beauty.  Individually designed, with a great duty.  These digits were created to create, a prolific task.  Their assignment matching their Creator, wasn’t too much to ask. So  I admired their charm and I touched each indention.  Creation was on my mind, love was my intention.  As I stared at these little miracle workers, as I thought of all they could be.  The face of the Miracle Worker, the Creator appeared to me.  With one stroke of His finger, He created a hand.  With the collection of all His fingers, He created man. He swayed His huge digit, painting a picture in the sky  A rainbow appeared out of no where, He didn’t even have to try.  This is why I believe fingers are important, why I think they exist. So that we would touch the world around us, so we would find in creation-eternal bliss.
©Simone Holloway, 2015

Featured Image Credit: http://hdwallpapercorner.com/4490/double-rainbow


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  1. Lovely words and a beautiful thought…

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    1. Mo says:

      Thank you 🙂

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