Innocent Bystander

I would have seen them

from a mile away

This perfect couple

relishing in this perfect day

Their eyes fixed on

each other alone

In a crowd of people but

still in their own little zone

His hand held hers

creating a sense of security

They were so caught up into each other

I don’t think they even noticed me

Her eyes met his

as he lead her home

It was them against the world

it was them alone

It was then that noticed something beautiful

as I continued to watch them

A pure love given

a love I couldn’t condemn

He led her through danger

he lead her through shame

He caressed her fingers

he treasured her name

And as I watched with wonder

at their hearts becoming one

I knew I witnessed something brilliant

as brilliant as the sun

So in this moment I am thankful

for this rare opportunity

To be an innocent bystander

to a love that has set them free

©Simone Holloway, 2015

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With Just A Few Strokes

I looked at my fingers, and I beheld their beauty.  Individually designed, with a great duty.  These digits were created to create, a prolific task.  Their assignment matching their Creator, wasn’t too much to ask. So  I admired their charm and I touched each indention.  Creation was on my mind, love was my intention.  As I stared at these little miracle workers, as I thought of all they could be.  The face of the Miracle Worker, the Creator appeared to me.  With one stroke of His finger, He created a hand.  With the collection of all His fingers, He created man. He swayed His huge digit, painting a picture in the sky  A rainbow appeared out of no where, He didn’t even have to try.  This is why I believe fingers are important, why I think they exist. So that we would touch the world around us, so we would find in creation-eternal bliss.
©Simone Holloway, 2015

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