I See Great Things

In my future, its great things I see

I see great things in my future

I only have high hopes for me

This year is going to go a lot smoother

For me this will be the best year

This will be the best year for me

I can feel good things near

So…I choose to live and let be

I’m excited to love with everything

With everything, I’ll excitedly love

This year will be filled with songs to sing

A year I can continually write of

I only expect good things in the near future, no negativity

This year is my year, my time for living free

©Simone Holloway, 2015

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Perfect Place

WIN_20150226_181909It is my perfect place
It is here I can be me
beautiful and original and extraordinary
a moment of beauty
I never want to leave 

©Simone Holloway, 2015

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I pulled the handle on dark mahogany wood
Hoping to reveal secrets I held dear
My eyes caught sight of hundreds of letters written to you
I sat and listened hoping that my ears could hear
A message that was right, that was good
I needed my heart to tell me what to do
Oh, letters give me clarity!
Words of love, show me the truth
Keep my spirit from breaking apart.
I have experience strong love in my youth
All I want is for this sense of familiarity
With love-lost to leave my heart.
©Simone Holloway, 2015

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With Just A Few Strokes

I looked at my fingers, and I beheld their beauty.  Individually designed, with a great duty.  These digits were created to create, a prolific task.  Their assignment matching their Creator, wasn’t too much to ask. So  I admired their charm and I touched each indention.  Creation was on my mind, love was my intention.  As I stared at these little miracle workers, as I thought of all they could be.  The face of the Miracle Worker, the Creator appeared to me.  With one stroke of His finger, He created a hand.  With the collection of all His fingers, He created man. He swayed His huge digit, painting a picture in the sky  A rainbow appeared out of no where, He didn’t even have to try.  This is why I believe fingers are important, why I think they exist. So that we would touch the world around us, so we would find in creation-eternal bliss.
©Simone Holloway, 2015

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Faster Than A Speeding Bullet

Some might say I exaggerate,
That I am prone to stretch the truth;
But this person I’m going to talk about,
I promise I met him in my youth.
He was a middle- aged man,
With the most unique pieces of attire.
Love and compassion were his garments,
Truth surrounded him like fire.
When he walked by my side,
He glowed like a bright light.
His words moved mountains,
He had authority and might.
This is how I came to know him,
It was a dark and dreary day.
I was so lonely,
My heart had nothing to say.
So I decided to end it all.
To make my life disappear.
I needed a way out,
I needed to escape my fear.
So… I let my mind wander,
I let myself hope to die.
That’s when he came into my room,
Took my heart before I could say goodbye.
He sat in front of me,
Like a father sits in front of a child.
He cradled me and caressed my soul,
While binding the demons in me that were unruly and wild.
I sat there in shock,
As his love surrounded me
This man was my hero,
He had set me free
Now I was free
My hero didn’t own a cape,
He didn’t have a secret identity.
My hero was the Son of God,
Born in obscurity.
His superpower was love,
Deeply rooted in truth.
Now that I’ve tasted of his goodness,
I desire his presence like a sweet tooth.
Faster than a speeding bullet,
Brilliant like a flash of light.
My hero is Jesus Christ,
He is filled with grace and might.
©Simone Holloway, 2015
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The Heavens’ Secret

A new day welcomes me

Masked as dark and gloomy

Beginnings stalk between the trees

I think the weather’s moody

A light mist touches my cheek

And fear strokes my heart

As the sun prepares it’s entrance

As the clouds assemble their art

Wisdom dawns on me

As pivotal as the sun

What I fear is a gift from God

Signaling change is to come

So as I awake beckoning new

As I drape my hand through Earth’s sweat

I realized that time was hard at work

Working to make sure I never forget

Forget what lies ahead

As the Earth transitions between night and day

Time wanted to make sure I always remembered

That joy etched itself into what was dark and gray

So…this morning, I no longer fear

The sweet mist outside my window

I now know the heavens’ secret

I have the inside info.

©Simone Holloway. 2015

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Open Your Mouth And Roar

Lion of Judah

Open your mouth, and                  ____


                Cause my love to glow


                Cause my dreams to soar

                                Please make my dreams come

                                True                                                                       ____


                                Please cause me to live like


                Show your strong teeth

                To my enemies


                Make them buckle, make

                Them shake at their knees

Lion of Judah,

Open your mouth, and                  ____


©Simone Holloway, 2015

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