Use Your Words.

Hello old friends, new followers, and fellow bloggers- 

Happy Thursday!  We are one day closer to the weekend and I could not be more excited.  Today is a self-care day.  Your girl is about to indulge in some self-love, enjoying a moment with me, myself and I.  As I’m embarking on my 27th year and reflecting on 26, I am realizing how much courage one must possess to use their words.  I’m not talking about any old words, but “power” words.  Some of my favorite power words are: no, yes, wait, maybe and perhaps.  I love words that establish boundaries and give me the freedom to make decisions.

For a long time, my “disease” of people-pleasing caused me to mute my voice, allowing any and everything in fear of offending those I love.  That ship has sailed as now, I could care less about whether or not I offend someone.  I’ve learned to stand in my truth and to speak what I believe boldly and void of shame.  One of my absolute favorite words is “no”.  No, I am not available.  No, I would not like to go with you there.  No, I am not happy with the treatment given to me.  No, I am not satisfied with the level of communication demonstrated.  No.   No is such a powerful word, it’s a boundary inducing word and it allows us to control our environment.  A lot of us have or are currently submitting to abusive behavior because we were or are afraid to say “no.”  In the same manner, I love to say “yes” to that which is appropriate.  Yes, I want to try this.  Yes, I want to entertain this relationship.  Yes, I want to go to this country.  Yes, I want to eat this certain type of food.  Yes.  There is power in having the ability to say “yes” to life-giving, appropriate opportunities.  A lot of us have or are currently missing out on God-send opportunities because we were or are afraid to say “yes.”  We need the courage to utilize the power of both, “yes” and  “no.”

So, how does this apply to each of you?  Today, you are being challenged to use your words.  Use your power words and stand unapologetically in truth.  Fear will rob you of your voice and the moment you decide to no longer be afraid is the moment you can truly live free.  Utilize both “yes” and ” no”  being sober-minded in your decision making. Don’t allow anyone to mute your voice.   Don’t allow anyone to steal the power you possess in your words.  Use your power words graciously and watch the world respond positively to your confident stance.

Well, friends, I hope you have an empowering day!




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