Hello old friends, new followers, and fellow bloggers-

Have you ever wanted to say something and it just wasn’t the right time?  Have you ever wanted to do something and you felt this unction to wait?

That’s exactly how I felt a few minutes ago as I wrote this beautiful revelatory piece.  I was writing what the Lord was sharing with me when I felt him say, “not now.


I think our biggest issue with moving with God is pace.  Sometimes we move too quickly, other times we move too slow.  However, if we can learn pace, we would be successful.  There’s a time for everything!  There’s a time to begin and a time to end.  There’s a time to be busy and a time to be more available.  There’s a time to share wisdom and a time to be silent.  There’s a time to move and a time to pause.  We must come to the realization that God knows best and that He can be trusted with everything we love.  Every. Single. Thing.

Don’t get it twisted!  There is a different pace for everything we pursue.  You may be at a fast pace for a career and a slower pace for a relationship.  Discern the pace and adjust accordingly.  I can’t apply the pace for my career to my relationship and vice versa.  Each pursuit has its own pace.  Learn to become okay when the Father gently nudges you to pause.  Take that time to stop, think, gain instructions and move ahead.  Don’t feel the need to move too quickly!  I’ve been guilty of this way too many times.  I have been excited about something and moved quickly only to crash and burn.  I wonder how many mistakes I could have avoided if I only paused and discovered pace. Just a word of wisdom: pause and discover your assignment’s pace.

This was not what I planned to share with you all tonight but I hope that this was helpful.  Here’s a challenge:  Write down every one of your pursuits and discern the pace. Once you figure out your pace, it will keep you from being discouraged about the “timing” of when things should get done.  Tonight, I encourage you to rest knowing that you’re right where you’re supposed to be.

Love, rest.




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