Second Chances Are Not Guaranteed.

Hello old friends, new followers, and fellow bloggers-

It’s Tuesday! I don’t know if that makes some of you happy, sad or indifferent. Anyways, I hope that you all are having an amazing day! Unlike other spaces in my house, I believe that my bathroom hosts The Holy Spirit. It never fails, I can be in the bathroom prepping for the day or getting ready for bed when the Lord will begin to speak to me. Last night, I was going through my evening routine when he spoke these profound words: “Second chances are not guaranteed.” I was like whoa… umm…wow. Then I got to thinking: how many of us gamble with God-given opportunity under the assumption that we will get another chance to pursue it? Who says you’re allotted a second chance? Who made that a guarantee allotted to the believer?

We live in a world where people squander opportunity. God sends jobs our way and we procrastinate in the application process. God send potential baes our way and we don’t shoot our shot. God sends business partners and affluential resources but we don’t invest the time in repairing our credit. We are people who waste time. We waste the Father’s time, each other’s time and even the time allotted to ourselves. It’s really something when you think about it. I believe we procrastinate and waste because we think that what we’re seeking will always be around.

However, what if I told you that the notion in such truth is not always the case? What if I told you that you only had one shot with what was entering your life? Either you were going to pursue or forfeit that opportunity. What would you do? Would you go after that which you believe the Lord gave you or would you forfeit it?

Those who pursue do not bank on second chances, they take the first one. Here’s a snippet of wisdom for free: you would probably be in a relationship by now if you took a chance. Whether that relationship is good or bad is up to y’all the parties, but even conflict resolution and growth together comes from taking a shot at hard conversations. We want things without wanting to adjust for them. What a lazy mindset? It’s lazy to think you’re going to get a marketing campaign without making a pitch. It’s lazy to not follow up by either phone or email after meeting a business connection. It’s lazy to not follow up with your God-given mentor. Sometimes, we forfeit opportunities simply because we don’t want to put in the work and that my dear is lazy.

Now, I bet some of y’all is like I don’t know what Simone’s been drinking but today’s post is kind of harsh. This post is going to hit some toes but do what I do; when the truth finds me, I say “Thank you Jesus” and adjust. I promise you, it’ll make the process a little easier.

We are being challenged today to pursue. Pursue after what God has spoken. Pursue after our dreams. Pursue after that which has been planned and prepared. Pursue! Let’s be willing to get our hands dirty and do the work necessary for our future.

Opportunities do not have to come back to us again. That is not a guaranteed promise of God. When He spoke of second chances, He was talking about repentance, not business ideas. Yet, He is so good that sometimes He will bring around those things we missed in previous seasons due to ignorance or immaturity. His goodness and His grace provide second chances but those chances are not guaranteed. Let us not frustrate the grace of God, let us not take his ability for granted. Let us take what He provides graciously and steward well.

May this be the year that you refuse to waste time. May this be the year that you steward your connections well. May this be the year that you shoot your shot. Time out for banking on tomorrow- you may not have that time allotted to you. Take advantage of today!

Take advantage of today.



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